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Destroy their aircraft carriers which are used to carpet bomb our babies! Destroy their armies which raid, rape and murder night after night in Afghanistan! I heard the station chief of the CIA has been recalled because he lost his cover. To the Muslims in Pakistan, don’t let him go, hunt him down, and give to this agent of death nothing short of what he orchestrated in Pakistan -gruesome, and unprecedentedly violent death! According to news on the 15th of November, 2010, armed men tried to kidnap the children of Aafia Siddiqui, from their home. Armed Men Fail to Kidnap Children of Pakistani Female Scientist ‎ Hunt the would be kidnappers down, and kill them. That is what should happen in Pakistan, and they should be given the most brutal, public deaths allowable by Islamic law. Anyone who knows what these children have been through and could attempt to put them through further turmoil needs to be put through the most unimaginable, excruciating, and permanent pain! I strongly suggest the mujahideen setup an obvious and secret presence around the home of Aafia Siddiqui’s sister to protect those children and kill anyone who even thinks of coming close to them! TAKE REVENGE AGAINST ALL OF AMERICA, CANADA, BRITAIN, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, GERMANY AND THE REST OF THE NATIONS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CARNAGE IN AFGHANISTAN. These afghans never hurt a soul in countries like Canada, and yet Canadian artillery has been pounding the innocent people of Afghanistan for the last 10 years! The

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  • freehernow:

    @Tommybooy68 It is staggering how evil you people are. To see a woman tormented to this extent, having her 6 month old and 3 year old kidnapped along with her, and call me an idiot for my rage against this abomanible crime is to admit your devilishness. go to hell.

  • freehernow:

    @Tommybooy68 Pretty disgusting eh? It shouldn’t be hard to believe especially when there are pictures of this behaviour by american troops from abu ghraib mother fucker!

  • Tommybooy68:


  • freehernow:

    @alisha0827 the disgrace is what happen to this woman and the people who did this to her, as well as the people who still are standing by the ones who did this to her and attacking the ones who want to free her. how old r u? you sound like a kid.

  • ahmedtex:

    @AnaFemeel The men who did this to her, including sentencing her to the lashes should be put to death. this is the result of having a non Islamic monarchial system in arabia.

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