Altaf Bhai ”The most Ugliest face leader of India”

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25 Responses to “Altaf Bhai ”The most Ugliest face leader of India””

  • vishalgutsy:

    i am a new prophet, my name is Dammahum. listen to my new god Halla and obey the rules.
    there is no god but Halla
    if you do not believe in Halla you will go to hell
    do not befriend disbelievers and idolators
    disbelievers/idolators will all go to hell
    you must fight and defend Halla or else you will be sent to hell to join the disbelievers.
    believe in Halla and you will own paradise, wine, milk, food and untouched women,
    Halla permit men to have 6 wives
    must be at least 6 year old

  • 04alha1732:

    this guy is gayy he needs a slap bloody retard, why is he chattin so much bullshit

  • MJADI:

    bhen k bharwe teri maa mai mai itna bara lun doga k uski gand se nikal k phudi mai enter hoga or uski phudi cros karta hua usk mu mai jaega…muhajir ki sath…teri bhen ni mai wich mara bhen choda punjab da sochi vi na…bhen chod k wapis bhejainge mutahida ki

  • hassanazmy:

    Carton Network py thik hy… baki awaaz khraab kr dena kyun k bhachon k pait mn pain ho jay gi hans k… bs act dekhana hi bohat hn

  • amirzubairmughal:

    yaar interviwes mai anay say iss ko roktay kiyun nahi !! sari immage kharab kar deta hai mahajiroon ki

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