Bahrain – Togo (2010) – Bahrain football team beat a FAKE Togo team 3-0 (7.09.2010)

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A mysterious Togo squad played a friendly match against Bahrain in Manama on Tuesday, according to L’Equipe. The game, won 3-0 by Bahrain, even appeared on FIFA’s website, but the Togolese football federation (FTF) stated the players who had faced the Bahraini national team were not from Togo. According to Europe 1, a fake footballer’s agent, whose name or nationality is not yet know, sold the match to Bahrain, who are preparing for the Asian championships. But the feeble performance of squad during the friendly had stunned members of the Bahraini Football Association (BFA), who only found out the truth after the game. “The very bad game of the ‘Togolese’ players surprised us, but then to discover that we had been dealing with a fake team was incredible,” said a member of the BFA. Togo’s Sports Minister Christophe Tchao told Jeune Afrique that nobody back home was aware of the encounter. “Nobody here has ever been informed of such a game. We will conduct investigations to uncover all those involved in this case,” he said. The real Togolese national team played Botswana last Saturday in Gaborone during the first round of the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying matches, which they lost to the hosts 2-1, and all the called-up players have successfully rejoined their respective clubs, according to the FTF. ( vid by MRCataloni

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15 Responses to “Bahrain – Togo (2010) – Bahrain football team beat a FAKE Togo team 3-0 (7.09.2010)”

  • elcharanguero:

    @cvunit: exactly what jokes? you dumb fuck

  • philischter:

    @cvunit: Jokes? Where are the jokes? 😉

  • cvunit:


    I’m 99% sure I’m more educated than you, and since you don’t understand jokes, your the piece of shit who lives without fun and jokes. But than again most likely you didn’t notice I was joking, LUL!!! YOU FAIL AT LIFE.

  • Romanianloop:

    @Sverige001 I think he said JK at the end

  • Sverige001:

    1. Togo is in Africa, Bahrain in Asia
    2. Africa a country? xD
    3. Go back to school, you uneducated piece of shit.

  • Wisost:

    @SuperTruth77 U should go to tho psychiatrist…

  • krisbarber:

    @SuperTruth77 thats it, just shoot the black bastards – is that what you are thinking?

    get a grip mate, they are from togo where it is practically impossible to make a living, they got paid by bahrain to play this match, so say that they they charged 1 million for example, each player gets like 70k and the fake agent/manager take their piece aswell. Would you turn it down if you were living in poverty to play an international football match and become rich from it, think again

  • SuperTruth77:

    Every single one of those fake Togo players, along with the agent, should be lined up in a full stadium and shot dead.

    I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but it’s the only way to stop this happening again…

  • Dutchhandrolled:

    Africa is a continent like Europe, Asia, North America, South America and the other 2. It isn’t a country.
    But yeah, funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile! XD

  • cvunit:

    WTF is bahrain and togo?, aren’t they both in Africa and should be playing in the same team… Africa is one country = 1 team, ahahha stupid soccer players….


  • AreOut:

    mystery solved – the team agent was Remi Gaillard

  • pekkyyy:

    Hahahahaha, funniest thing i’ve seen in years! 😀

  • dwyatt101:

    But they beat the real team 5-1?

    Bahrain 5-1 Togo: Reds Warm Up For New Zealand World Cup Decider In Style
    The Reds are looking good ahead of their big match next week…

    Nov 7, 2009 4:52:15 AM

    Bahrain warmed up for their 2010 World Cup decider against New Zealand next week by thrashing Togo 5-1 on Friday.

    In the first leg last month, the Reds struggled to break down the Kiwi defence and the match ended goalless.

  • raben39:

    if it really turns out to be a “wannabe” national team, i will have the greatest respect for those guys – showing up at a nationalteam match as an “average” dude and playing for your nation is super awesome !

  • hustler411:

    How can the Bahrain federation be this fool, at least they should have known there was no way they could beat Togo, and not 3-0 at that.
    Vive le Togo, Haahahahaha Bahrain federation

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