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  • slayyyyn:

    pakistanis r soo stupid dey fink jus cz der a muslim majority country that other muslims hve ne respect for them. pakistan is a strategic ally of usa who r bombing muslims so pakistan is hardly doing things for da benefit of muslims.

  • potysplasher:

    Lool i am waziri and you cowards dont even know how much destruction you slaves of US have caused in Waziristan for money you call themselves muslims you are traitor to the paksitani nation fucking agents of CIA sending drones to Waziristan and getting billion of dollars and then come and spread bullshit that waziris are agents of CIA. you will be defeated again like 3 times before if you dare to put you slave foot in waziristan.

  • ganjatakla:

    this guy Baitullah mesud is definitely working for india and israel,cuz these are the 2 countries which have a bone to pick with pakistan and recognize that if there is 1 really strong muslim majority country its Pakistan as we have nucleuer power and 1 of the most capable army and airforce.Pakistan needs to get rid of Baitullah mesud as soon as possible,however in the long run india will probably find sum1 else,so FUCK INDIA AND ISRAEL DIRECTLY! bloody cunts cant let anyone live in peace!

  • CowEaterindicka:

    muslimafgand1 you mother fucker harmi kooty ki ulad tari maa ko sara sari world fuck kary. You swin, hindu cunt, you are no fuck muslim and your baithlula msoor is a biggest ganu. tell your fucking lion to come out and we will see who is lion?

  • riafatkhan:

    Really this man one the spots over Muslim community. this is no need to mention over nations whether punjabies or Pushtoons. He is really Baitullah, a non muslim person. even don’t know the word of islamic great teaching for humanbeing.

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