Chasing the Killers Scene – The Fast and the Furious Movie (2001) – HD

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Brian (Paul Walker) and Dominic (Vin Diesel) take care of Johnny (Rick Yune) and Lance (Reggie Lee). TM & © Universal (2011) Buy Movie: Scene: Chasing the Killers – Movie Details: The Fast and the Furious (2001) – Cast: Vin Diesel, Reggie Lee, Paul Walker, Rick Yune Director: Rob Cohen Producer: Creighton Bellinger, Doug Claybourne, Neal H. Moritz Screenwriter: David Ayer, Erik Bergquist, Gary Scott Thompson, Ken Li Film Description: The Fast and the Furious (also known in Japan as Wild Speed (ワイルドスピード?)) is a 2001 car film starring Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster. Directed by Rob Cohen, The Fast and the Furious was the first mainstream film to feature the Asian automotive import scene in North America. It is the first film in The Fast and the Furious film series. The concept was loosely inspired by a Vibe magazine article about street racing in New York City. Plot: Brian O’Conner (Walker) is a police officer tasked by an LAPD/FBI joint operation with infiltrating the Los Angeles street racing scene, suspected to be the origin of a string of high-speed truck hijackings perpetrated by a trio of black ’95 Honda Civics with green neon lighting under the chassis. Brian gets a job at a local shop and works his way up until finally getting an opportunity to compete against elite street racer Dominic Toretto (Diesel) and two other contestants at a large, late-night event. Brian barters his way

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14 Responses to “Chasing the Killers Scene – The Fast and the Furious Movie (2001) – HD”

  • fawfulhaschortles:

    I know Brian was taking revenge for Jesse, but did he also take revenge for his blown up Mitsubishi Eclipse?

  • DerkaDerkaDerka100:

    Sorry I meant Japanesse tuner cars.

  • RandomUsername81:

    @dragonballz768 I’ll be honest with you I fucking love American Muscle, I love the 454 SS Chevelles, the 427 Cobras, the 426 Hemi’s, the 427 ZL1 Corvettes and Camros, any of these engines stock produced over 450 HP and atleast 500 ft lbs torque stock, but the thing is most Japanesse Muscles cars can squezze more power out of half the cylnders and even 1/3 the cylinder diplacemnet through use of turbochargers there not cheap but they produce god awful amounts of power.

  • dragonballz768:


    Not in my book.

  • RandomUsername81:

    Maybe a Civic or an integ but not a supra.

    Twin Turbo Supra:
    320 BHp
    326 Ft lbs torque

    440ci Charger
    390 BHP
    480 Ft lbs torque

    in this movie though the charger appears to be supercharged and bored out with a straight exhuast pipe but at the same time the Supra appears to have upgraded intakes, exhaust a BOV and a Single unit turbo probabley an HKS.

    in this case th charger may have more torque but in the real world the supra would have horsepower advantage.

    Sad but true..

  • BOOST15673:

    Ah, the smell of a Charger pulling out of the driveway, you don’t hear that all too often anymore…

  • ChekkaMekkaa:

    @StyleDrifter21 yes i also look after this track but noone knows anything about it :S

  • BOOST15673:

    No, actually not, I’m listening to that song right now and that’s the song you hear when you see Brian test his Eclipse in the beginning of the movie. If you want the link I can give it to you?

  • dragonballz768:


    The Charger puts out 10 times more power.

  • Afterwarkid:

    Brian Tyler – Fourth Floor.

  • nstmihai:

    come on…doesn’t anyone know the name of the background track?

  • wesleyog123:

    love the supra, the power so fucking sexy

  • StyleDrifter21:

    Does anyone know the name of the first track of the video?
    the one where dominic is walking to his car?

  • MiLoSTHeOrIgInaL10:

    Does anybody know what’s the name of the track which plays while chasing .. ?

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