CIA Archives: The Cuban Revolution – Documentary History (1960)

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DVD: The Cuban Revolution was a successful armed revolt by Fidel Castro’s 26th of July Movement, which overthrew the US-backed Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista on 1 January 1959, after over five years of struggle. “Our revolution is endangering all American possessions in Latin America. We are telling these countries to make their own revolution.” — Che Guevara, October 1962 Castro later travelled to the United States to explain his revolution. He said, “I know what the world thinks of us, we are Communists, and of course I have said very clearly that we are not Communists; very clearly.” Hundreds of suspected Batista-era agents, policemen and soldiers were put on public trial for human rights abuses and war crimes, including murder and torture. Most of those convicted in revolutionary tribunals of political crimes were executed by firing squad, and the rest received long prison sentences. One of the most notorious examples of revolutionary justice was the execution of over 70 captured Batista regime soldiers, directed by Raúl Castro after the capture of Santiago. For his part in Havana, Che Guevara was appointed supreme prosecutor in La Cabaña Fortress. This was part of a large-scale attempt by Fidel Castro to cleanse the security forces of Batista loyalists and potential opponents of the new revolutionary regime. Others were fortunate enough to be dismissed from the army and police without prosecution, and some high-ranking officials in

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19 Responses to “CIA Archives: The Cuban Revolution – Documentary History (1960)”

  • nomibe2911:

    Wow this documentary was ahead of its time. Very well done.

  • xabierinfo:

    @schizoidboy Yes, I am sure of that, but there is an embargo over Cuba, lift it and we will see.

  • schizoidboy:

    This is actually a well thought out film looking at the reasons for the revolution and it’s success, as for politics if the system in Cuba worked you wouldn’t have had so many people jumping on boats to escape. Workers paradise… People don’t want to escape paradise.

  • SolutreanWarrior:

    Well made propaganda film the western media is controlled by the jews its pure propaganda and diversion ! Viva Cuba Arriba la Victoria ! The Jewish/Israeli Mossad, CIA are one and the same if you think America is a free country think again !

  • 760BANGIN:


    Communist or not, Castro just wanted to take all US affiliation out of Cuba. The president dictator Fulgencio Batista was backed by the US and used Cuba as tourist attraction for post-WW2 soldiers and sailors in the 50s. Castro threw out Batista so Cuba wouldn’t wind up like Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is not an independent country, it’s owned by the US.

    Castro used USSR’s help to get bigger guns in the “my gun is bigger than yours” argument with the US after Bay of Pigs.

  • feelofairisgood:

    So Castro lied to the U.S. saying their not a communist state, but then gets help from Russia and then is communist and atheist?

  • aaron9099:

    @Goatoftheforest Yo soy uno lol

  • Goatoftheforest:

    @aaron9099 La mayoria de mis amigos son hispanos y vivia en la Republica Dominicana. Hay gringos que saben hablar español, no muchos pero hay jaja

  • aaron9099:

    This video is great, not like the documentaries of today that pump you full of eye candy, this is just one guy telling you how it is, very informative and surprisingly unbiased considering the source.

  • aaron9099:

    @Goatoftheforest Pero si eres Gringo porque estas hablando Espanol?

  • custer264:

    A revolution is only good if the its leaders create a contract demonstrating what system they have designed to replace that which currently exists.
    Further, if those leaders promise the people the fruits of other people’s labor the must be rejected on ethical grounds.
    So far the only revolution in history which promised people a system which guarantees a freedom whereupon the recipients are free to benefit from the fruits of their own labor is the US rev. Rights cannot be material promises.

  • michirri76:

    The whole world should see this video. Perhaps once and for all, the world my become a peaceful place.I am seek of politicians and dirty human beings, who betrayed all aspects of humanity to step above others. What have I learned from Revolutions???? mmmmm….They are all based in the same principles, 2) That they always benefit the few.

  • freebuzzard:

    China holds a bunch of USD debt: not sure it’s the conventional debtor/creditor relatinship when the debtor has about 10000 more IBCMs than the creditor. Huh?

    And if the USD tanks what’s the debt worth?

    And China and USA are so intertwined econmically they are sort of stuck with each other, what’s next remains to be seen. . .

  • vrettos123:

    @dyaakov if u can call china “communism” china is living proof that communism fails, they still have the name but they are not truely communist anymore

  • Goatoftheforest:

    @dyaakov Justicia poetica para las guerras y los dictadores que mi pais ha apoyado. Perdoname por mi español. Yo soy gringo pero yo pienso que mi pais merece sus cirunstancias

  • dyaakov:

    and now communist china owns usa economy, such an ironny

  • dagobantoine:

    This is very suprising that such documentary could exist at that time. It’s so understanding!

  • mouseinacoffeecup:

    piece of shit american liars.

  • bcp666:


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