DEA on the hunt for Afghan drugs created by the US itself !!

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Before the US occupation of Afghanistan the poppy cultivation was eradicated in 90% of Afghanistan by the Taliban, only the 5-10% was the work of Northern Alliance dogs, but after the US invasion of Afghanistan it reached its peak, because the US army along CIA are doing a big business with it. but the victims are Taliban in fact, the Paki Punjabi ISI in the region benefits from it the most.

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25 Responses to “DEA on the hunt for Afghan drugs created by the US itself !!”

  • cancanbiker:


    There is no intention to stop the drug trade so dont worry. Afghanistan will produce 90% global heroin for a long time to come, and yes it will fund terrorism and yes, we will pay for the war.

  • no71fa:

    Not good thing, hoped american help Afghani people but……………:(

  • AmazenZay26:

    The US is bring it in

  • Delta9son:

    so thats whats under all those mountains

  • joviedo21:

    why the hell would this dumb azz reporter talk about the value of this product and it being available in Los Angeles….I think I know why…b’cuz the NEW military/govenrment (NWO) is the new global drug cartel and thats why Bush owns HOMELAND SECURITY…so that whatever is confiscated, it now belongs to him.



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