FBI was warned about key figure in Mumbai terror attack

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The wife of a 2008 Mumbai attacks suspect David Coleman Headley warned US federal agents three years beforehand that her husband was training with a Pakistani militant group, US news portal ProPublica.org reported on Friday.

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18 Responses to “FBI was warned about key figure in Mumbai terror attack”

  • the907jess:

    @esopxe lol *snap finger* man!?!

  • grasd2:

    mumbai fucking sux

  • 762lenny:

    @moopism ya now they decided to just focus on Muslims


    humans are just stupid need 2 grow up we need peace n the world we are fucking everything the earth is giving us its all about money but think about it money is a small number to life its a piece of paper that we got from the earth everything is from da earth

  • moopism:

    @762lenny Same one that urges catholics and protestants to go at it in N. Ireland.

  • sunRsaturn:

    @sconeofark Yes, and he snitched, and is on trial, and and if someone shot him in the back of his head, it would be all while we are traveling at 67,000 mph around a huge star. Out in the middle of an even more emense and powerful Universe…. that would be the face of the planet or what the planet really faces….lol. On that scale, it sounds more like you and he should share a banana or fight over one in a tree, in a zoo….lol

  • indulf:

    @indulf Reportedly, Headley was used to interrogate the innocent Kasab.

  • indulf:

    David Headley’s father worked for a CIA front organisation. David Headley claimed to be a CIA agent. The USA wants to keep all rival countries, such as India, weak and under control.

  • sconeofark:

    The guy is not only a terrorist, but also a ‘Snitch’. Snitches are the worst pieces of crap on the face of the planet. Death is way too good for him, and a fair trial a waste of money. Someone please shoot that dirty rat traitor snitch snitch in the back if his snitch head.

  • 762lenny:

    Why do the Muslims want to blow up other Muslims? What is that psychology – come on.

  • orf32:

    Tom Hanks new movie?

  • sunRsaturn:

    Well, India should use Indians inside the US to terrorise a US city, or shoot a nuke at Washington DC. There will never be peace and less humans = more peace and a cleaner Universe. If you believe the American people are any better than the Government or FBI, CIA….or any better than the sadistic hateful assholes in your country… you’re dreaming. Kill each other and be done with it.

  • sunRsaturn:

    Do the math here. Who is and runs the Pakistani militant group? Who runs the FBI? …. again, thank goodness for the van allen belt, gravity, and the teenie tiny powerless stupid talking baboons are too busy being stupid talking baboons to spread to other worlds. Humans are a failure with a capital F and shit for brains.


    Homeland Security is not about protecting the American people from terrorism, it is about protecting the US Government from the American people.

  • rajkamalraj2007:

    It seems …….some US personnel along with pakistan was also behind attack ………

  • HemiHead66:

    FBI – Friggin-Buncha-Idiots.. And this fits perfectly with the way those two Republican idiots did things back then. Here’s your Visa Mr. terrorist, come on in and get to work flying those planes. And don’t you worry about anybody like the law bothering ya, we told everybody to leave you the hell alone so you won’t have any problems with your attacks. The Grand-Oil-Party, keeping us safe!!!

  • esopxe:

    @the907jess Almost.

  • the907jess:

    seriously am i the only one leaving a comment?

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