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Gramophone precursor of the modern record player, tape and CD player. In 1877 Thomas Edison (1847-1931) invented a sound machine which he called phonograph. In 1887, Emil Berliner invented the gramophone, an improved version of Edison’s phonograph. Within a couple of years, many gramophone companies were set up. The man who introduced Bengal to the world of gramophone was FW Gaisberg, the first recording engineer of the Gramophone Company. From 1900 to 1907, he made several trips to Kolkata and other parts of India, urging local entrepreneurs to join him in his venture to start sound recording in India. In 1902, Gaisberg made the first disc recording of Indian artistes. The singer Gauhar Jan of Kolkata was the first Indian and Bengali artist to have her songs recorded, gaining immediate celebrity. November 14,1902: A very rudimentary and makeshift recording studio had been set up in two large rooms of a hotel in Kolkata by the Gramophone Company. Frederick William Gaisberg and his assistants had arrived just three weeks before from England on their first Far East recording expedition for the Gramophone Company, which had been founded in England in 1898. They had appointed a local agent for selecting and training artists for recording on gramophone discs. However, the agent selected Anglo-Indian artists and completely ignored local talent. Gaisberg then sought the help of the local Police Superintendent, visited several theaters, attended mehfils at wealthy Jamindars

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  • sounak93:

    The song is excellent… But little correction in data provided was required… First of all, Gauhar Jan was not a Bengali… She was not even the first recording artiste… The first recording artistes were Sashimukhi and Phanibala… The first recording was made in 1902… Gauhar Jan too made reocrdings in 1902 but she was not the first one to record…

  • IMIRZA777:

    Thanks for this priceless recording.

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