Green Harmony (Gynura) Extreme Alkaline Herb for cancer, diabetes, HIV, Herpes, Cholesterol

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Green Harmony Anti Viral Herb Grow it fresh in your home, consume it everyday, and keep the viruses away. When consumed the scavenging and attacking qualities of Green Harmony can be compared to eating an army of white cells that go to work on cleaning up all the bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold, and whatever else is moving around in your blood. Green Harmony (Gynura procumbens) has been used as folk medicine for hundreds of years in many Asian countries and Africa to treat diabetes, cancer, HIV, Herpes 1 & 2, lower blood pressure, and normalize lipid cholesterol’s. It has also been demonstrated to be an anti-inflammatory agent in lab testing. Easy to grow, your entire family can be eating it in a matter of days. It multiplies quickly so you can share plants with your friends and relatives. Live Healthy raised plants are in stock ready to ship. Email us at [email protected] We encourage you to search the Internet for more information on “Gynura procumbens” There are thousands of articles supporting its use for many centuries. To Your Health!

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