Gudda Gudda feat Lil Wayne – Small Thing to a Giant w/ Lyrics (NEW APRIL 2010)

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I do not own this song!!!!!!!! So don’t ban me for copyrighting! I’m going to be posting songs everyday so subscribe! Also subscribe to my friends channel: THEY ARE HILARIOUS! Lyrics: [Gudda Gudda] Im bout that drama,You f-cking with tha cannon n-gga Got a gangsta grill yellow diamonds when I rambo n-gga So dont cross we got ammo like Rambo n-gga Lifes a gamble you craped out you bad gambling n-gga N-gga moving fast gotta pump the brakes on em They better pump em fast before I beat the brakes off em My goons real hungry looking for a big break And yous a real phony looking like a big steak So get your sh-t straight, Before I grab this big ape Hit you in your left eye now you cant see sh-t straight Ray Charles n-gga blind to the fact While you was in your class, I was grinding and getting scratched The knife grind you and you scratched Now you crying like a bitch, You a bird got wings Imma fly you with the pack,Uh These little n-ggas got the nerves These n-ggas under me I put you under my wing, n-gga yous a son to me [Chorus – Gudda] Small thing to a giant Small thing to a giant Small thing to a giant Small thing to a giant [Lil Wayne] Yeah, Guess What?, Streets off paper And me, Im praying for probation Like my ancestors prayed for segregation Imma predator when I pray, I dont mean meditation I mean vegetation, F-ck the Feds and f-ck the Federation And every agent, Man I want an Asian, Sex her like a geisha Get up in her stomach like Ignacio, Let me stop

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