Imran khan Pashtun dog is dirty Israeli agent in the Clean face of Pakistani Punjabis

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11 Responses to “Imran khan Pashtun dog is dirty Israeli agent in the Clean face of Pakistani Punjabis”

  • akn10red:

    in another video i saw imran khan saying “me ne africa me bht bchay dekhay jin ki shakal babar ghauri se bohot milti thi… kya wo saray babar ghauri k hain?” LOL
    but I must say that he’s a great leader….. agar imran se esi ghalti hui bhi ho to me kahun ga k baqi (so-called) leaders se bht bht bht behtar hy imran….. baqi koun sa paak hain. sb 1 number k haram khor, hrami or zani hain

  • amjadwariam:

    bring Pervaiz Musharif back ,He can only bring back the hapopiness of country.He know how to handle Pakies.

  • srazihaider:

    you look like an anti-pashtoon racist …… pata nai kub akal aie ghee main kia kahoon .. haha 😛

  • hicham326:

    its not pakistan, its porkistan, and there will be no more porkistan in next 2 years.. so keep day dreaming pounjabies..

  • hicham326:

    all pounjabies are the pimps, they take dollars from americans and isreals, all pounjabies are dickheads, and dont fucking talk about islam, tell me have you ever prayed namaz.. you sells pigs in islamabad = pigabad, you have opened fucking nightclubs in fucking pigabad. you are the people that deceiving afghans(pukhtoons,pathans,pushtoons)… indians are going to take you down soon.. INSHALLAH we will fight that war as GHAZWA e hind and save your asses

  • alamkhan11:

    imran is the best.u r traiter u basterd,who uploaded this vid.u cunt

  • Okthenwhateva1:

    Imran is half Punjabi.

  • babulahori222:

    Haha, and it was Mustafa kamal pasha kissing Clintons ass, so whose the CIA agent??Search for the clip where he tells Clinton that Nawaz shareef is a mullah without a beard.This tells you something important, these bayghairat will sling mud on other pakistanis just to become the favorites of the Zionist…MQM supporter, the so called educated Pakistanis are soo dumb and aloof.Even the title for this video is so racist and shows how kaminay they are, stereotyping Pashtuns and pathans…SHAME.

  • mchaudhr:

    What about the governer of Sindh with 14 murder cases??? What about the rape cases on our politicians? What about open corruption cases on our politians??? Keep this in mind…Iram Khan is the ONLY politician who has ONLY given to Pakistan and have not LOOTED Pakistan!!! Shame on these Bastards!!!

  • turbocoder:

    An honest Imran Khan who has fucked some women in the past, is gazzillion times better than these corrupt MQM/PPP/MuslimLeague politicians who are tothis day raping millions of Pakistanis.

  • bunaray:

    mother fucker mqm and nawaz shareef

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