Mumbai Attacks – Indian Minister Reveals Truth [Becomes Target of Biased Indian Media & Politicians]

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Indian Minister Mr. Antulay became a chink in the Indian Propaganda Campaign’s armor when he questioned the circumstances of ATS Chief, Hemant Karkare’s death during the Mumbai Attacks. He raised the issue in Lok Sabha [Indian Parliament], braving the odds stacked against him to seek the truth in face of adversity, as faces turned red & jaws dropped in shock. Now he is being chastised and escape-goated by Indian media and fellow politicians as an ‘agent of Pakistan’ for saying something that goes so against the Indian propaganda being mounted against Pakistan on an international level. This is what happens in India when an honest Indian tries to do his job & find out the ‘truth’.

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25 Responses to “Mumbai Attacks – Indian Minister Reveals Truth [Becomes Target of Biased Indian Media & Politicians]”

  • bvindh:

    “country would’ve gotten nowhere if it weren’t for the charitable donations by the Soviet Union & later Russia. “–agreed! but in your own words..we got somewhere ahead of our past status…didnt we? but, what about pak? do you see it getting off US life support any time soon?
    “More empty verbal farts from the indigestion stricken shakha-brainwashed Hindutva footsoldier”–xD

  • bvindh:

    “Pakistan wanted to ‘invade’ India in 1965”–ok…you tell me the truth….!!
    “difference b/w a democracy & a dictatorship”–its your leadership….its your responsibility…not that its any of india’s fault

  • bvindh:

    “Talk of ‘infecting’ coming from a Hindu is quite ironic since the Brahman masters have yet to start treating shudras as humans; let alone non-Hindus..”–please note the no. of brahmins in indian politics or administration please and also their percentage representation over the years!
    in case you find it difficult…note the religion of our PM or the leader of opposition or better the castes of our CMs

  • mystz1:

    Haha! You’re on my channel kid, I’m not on yours.. NWFP is very much with Pakistan & so is Baluchistan; Pakistan does not keep 700,000 troops in either province so come up with some facts next time instead of continuing to waste ur breath & my time with half-hearted hear-say verbal crass just to deflect the argument away from India.. the only area flattened by Pak Army is in Bajaur where the fight was against Taliban; not Baluchs, not Pakhtoons. Go learn some facts retard.

  • bvindh:

    “distinct cultures”–did you ever look at an indian curency note? if so…please count the no. of official languages
    “Today, Muslims & Christians across India are made to sing Hindu ‘bhajans’ in schools forcefully”–my esteemed friend!…where?
    Tsk Tsk …indeed!

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