Pakistan Government admits that Ajmal Kasab is a Pakistani

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After weeks of cussed denials, Pakistan finally came around to acknowledging that Ajmal Kasab, the captured Mumbai terrorist, could be Pakistani. The confirmation, by information minister Sherry Rehman to a news agency, is a small but significant step. She said, “We are confirming he is a Pakistani, but investigations are still going on.” Signficantly, late-night reports from Pakistan said that national security advisor Mahmud Ali Durrani had been sacked for acknowledging that Kasab could be Pakistani. According to the reports, Durrani had made the statement without checking with the government. Although Rehman hedged her statement and Pakistani foreign secretary Salman Bashir officially refused to confirm it, the fact is, a window could have opened up. It would be the most important fallout of the dossier diplomacy by India over the past couple of days, which was as much a public relations exercise as a way to pressure Pakistan into acting. If Pakistan does indeed acknowledge Kasab’s identity, it will be because it was left with absolutely no other option. While the government here said there was no official confirmation of Pakistan acknowledging Kasab’s identity, if Pakistan does so, it could break the logjam of charges and counter-charges between the two countries. It would be seen as a huge concession by Islamabad, after weeks of denial had Indian leaders almost purple with rage and frustration. It will be seen as a diplomatic breakthrough by the US, which has said it

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25 Responses to “Pakistan Government admits that Ajmal Kasab is a Pakistani”

  • sthapanam:

    To Porkis with love:

    Do you know why Geo TV showed the house of Kasab in pakistan?

    Do you know why Nawaz Sharif accused the pak govt. for not allowing the media persons to reach Kasab’s house and cordoning off the area?

    Do you know why Durrani was sacked by the pak PM for telling the truth?

    Do you know why not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims?

    Do you know why U.S. is bombing pak borders again and again?

    Do you know why pakis has an inferiority complex over India?

  • sthapanam:

    dont worry….your porkistan is a failed state and a terrorist state…..we will format it by making all the porkis clean……did u have any democratic govt. full term in office till now????….ha ha ha ha…..some stupid military dictators have been ruling u since independence……the talibans r fucking u in your northern borders, the U.S. is bombing your borders already…porkistan is gone…..the countdown has begun…..

  • sthapanam:

    asshole….dont u feel ashamed of denying the truth again and again?? the whole world is watching………and what now??…caught red-handed… we will fuck u till u bleed……and never compare yourself with India…..India is 4 times bigger than u and has a powerful military and economy than u……forgot 1971???…forgot Kargil???…..this time we will fuck u deep…we want our land back (pakistan) and we will take it soon….u have created enough nonsense…this is the limit……

  • tonuhot:

    citizens of failed bankrupt, international migrane state barking.

  • sky700walker:

    Also they know that their case is so weakand they fear that if they take any action against Pak then India would vanish from the face of this earth and I swear if u fucking Indians take any kind of action against Pak then each and every person of our nation would turn into a fighter and you coward Indians would not find any place on earth to hide so dont ask for it and just shut the fuck up

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