Pakistan Today and ISI

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Whether it is Taliban in Afghanistan and the tribal areas of Pakistan or the Mumbai terror attacks, media in the west and India have blamed ISI for it. But US based analysts also admit that capturing of most Al-Qaida leaders would not have been possible without the information provided by the Inter Services Intelligence agency of Pakistan. Muhammad Atif reports

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  • extravaganza82:

    @PaktiaZadran sorry bro do not mis guide people,u dont know any thing.Long live pakistan.

  • PaktiaZadran:

    pakistan bana hi isi lye ta ke england o usa us se apne kam karaye. pakistan islam ke khelaf kam kar sakta lekin islam ke lye nahi.

  • amirwayn:

    Urdu VOA is the Foreign Media Invetment injected through GEO network. This always protects US interest.

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