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Kareena Kapoor Speaks About ‘Golmaal 3’ Part 2

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Kareena’s bollywood hungama interview with Faridoon Shahryar.… Continue reading >>>

(PUNJABI NEWS PART-1) Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal BJP Leader Stated about Cyber Terrorism

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CHANDIGARH: , BJP, BJYM, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morha Chief Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal stated that Terrorists are openly using Websites to propagate hatred through inflammatory Articles, Pictures and Videos amongst muslims motivating them to raise funds, organize advocacy and volunteer terror activities for these outfits. Grewal termed the UPA Government “ignorant” about the misuse of Information Technology by the Terrorists of… Continue reading >>>

FBI was warned about key figure in Mumbai terror attack

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The wife of a 2008 Mumbai attacks suspect David Coleman Headley warned US federal agents three years beforehand that her husband was training with a Pakistani militant group, US news portal reported on Friday.… Continue reading >>>

Richard Nixon & Ronald Reagan Talk About China and the United Nations (1971)

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October 25, 1971 Relations between the Western powers and Eastern Bloc changed dramatically in the early 1970s. In 1960, the People’s Republic of China publicly split from its main ally, the Soviet Union, in the Sino-Soviet Split. As tension along the border between the two communist nations reached its peak in 1969 and 1970, Nixon decided to use their conflict to… Continue reading >>>

Zaid Hamid Statement About Pervez Hoodbhoy Working as An Indian Agent Seems To Be True

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Zaid Hamid BrassTacks Pakistan Most of Time Exposed Pervez Hoodbhoy Traitor of Pakistan. Hoodbhoy Always Blamed Pakistan Army & ISI For Creation of Tehreek-e-Taliban Terrorism in Pakistan. Working As A CIA America Advisor He Leaked Secret Information of Pakistan Nuclear Technology To Israel Indian Agencies RAw Mossad. Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai Made Him 10% Owner of Drugs-Business in Kabul. Shamefull For… Continue reading >>>

Learn more about Turmeric Curcumin Extract, Curcumin has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory


Family : Zingiberaceae

Genus  : Curcuma

Most common species Curcuma longa

Number of Curcuma Species 70

Part used Rhizome (Root)

Names in Other Languages:

Hindi : Haridra Urdu : Haldi Telugu : Passpu Mandarin : Jiang Huang Japanese : Kyoo Tahitian : Re’a Marquesan : Ena : Samoan, Tongan Ago, Ango Cook Islands : Renga

Turmeric is an ancient Indian spice used for cooking, and is used in many ways like turmeric… Continue reading >>>

Priyanka Not Delusional About Own Looks

Women from various fields demonstrate for early passage of Women’s Reservation Bill
In a bid to press the demand for the passage of Women’s Reservation Bill in the Lok Sabha, women from different fields participated in a peaceful march here on Thursday.

Read more on Calcutta News

Women from various fields demonstrate for early passage of Women’s Reservation Bill
New Delhi, July 29 : In… Continue reading >>>

Wikileaks Afghanistan War Logs: Massive leak of secret files exposes truth about war

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Video How to Read the Logs. A huge cache of secret US military files today provides a devastating portrait of the failing war in Afghanistan, revealing how coalition forces have killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents, Taliban attacks have soared and Nato commanders fear neighbouring Pakistan and Iran are fuelling the insurgency. The disclosures come from more than 90000 records… Continue reading >>>

WikiLeaks Founder, Julian Assange speaks about the Afghanistan War Logs

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More than 180 files detail accusations that the ISI spy agency has supplied, armed and trained insurgents since 2004. More than 180 intelligence files in the war logs, most of which cannot be confirmed, detail accusations that Pakistan’s premier spy agency has been supplying, arming and training the insurgency since at least 2004. The Obama administration, which gives $1bn a year… Continue reading >>>

Asin clears rumours about Salman Khan

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We caught up with Asin recently, and the actress spoke to us about her life, career, movies, tollywood, bollywood, Aamir and rumours.… Continue reading >>>

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