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International Secret Agents: Los Angeles 2009

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TICKETS SOLD OUT!!! Watch past concert clips at JCPenney presents ISA LA 2009! ISA returns to where it all began one year ago! On Sept. 6, 2009 (Labor Day weekend) Wong Fu Productions and Far*East Movement are bringing together some of the best and brightest talent among Asian Americans breaking into the mainstream media. With a goal to inspire a… Continue reading >>>

Pakistan PPP Agents on Secret Mission Exposed by Geo TV

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Pakistan High Commissioner in UK Wajid Shamsul Hassan and NAB Senior member Danishwar Malik in Geneva Switzerland on secret mission. Please have a look they way Mr. Wajid and other people face the camera. Again it is you Pakistani People who need to make your mind what to do and who to choose to lead our nation. Thank You once again… Continue reading >>>

Pres. Karzai On Afghan Girls Maimed By Acid By Paki-punjabi ISI Agents Still Want School

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Paki-Punjabi-ISI Mafia is paying few bucks their agents to maime Afghan girls going to school by acid, meanwhile killing school boys & teachers, which is a part of their 35 years campaign against Pashtun=Afghan Nation on both sides of the D linev, these punjabi or deformated hindus have no mercy for the Afghan=Pashtun Nation in any way of life by killing… Continue reading >>>

Bass Agents – Weapon of the Mind

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Artist: Bass Agents Label: Chronictraxx Recordings Genre: Hardstyle Released: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Length: 5:03 THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!! Chronictraxx Recordings, home to the BASS AGENTS and everything ASIAN so if you love BRUCE LEE then you’ll love these vocals. The legendary voice fits nicely into the track and that metallic synth coupled the chunky beats will… Continue reading >>>

Pakistani CIA Zionist Agents

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Exposing the faces of Punjabi Ethnic lobby and Indepandent Neutral Media of Pakistan and CIA and Zionist Agents Spreading Zionist Agenda in Pakistan By Misguiding Peoples of Pakistan and Getting Billions of Dollar Per Month By Mr.Nawaz Sharif and America.… Continue reading >>>

EXCLUSIVE: This Is How US Agents Sneak Into Pakistan

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This American woman tried to sneak into Pakistan through Torkham on Afghan border on Mar. 13, 2010. She was wearing an Afghan woman burqa and apparently spoke local dialects. Strangely, Pakistani border guards shielded her from Pakistani intelligence officers, received a handsome bribe from her and let her enter Pakistan with her burqa and fake Afghan identity. The link to the… Continue reading >>>

Illnesses Suffered by Call Center Agents

These are jobs which 1st world countries like the United States, Canada and other European countries get from 3rd world countries in Asia mainly because they are cheaper in cost. You may not know it but jobs like being a Customer or Technical Support Representative commands a higher pay than some white collar jobs in these Asian countries.

The job isn’t pitiful although most people don’t realize the health risk… Continue reading >>>

Hindustan Travel a leading Travel Agents in Delhi

Myquest :- We Hindustan Travel a Leading Travel Agent a Delhi based Tour & Travel agency recognized by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. We are offering a variety of tour packages with all kinds of travel related customized services for corporate and foreign tourists coming from all over world. We individual requirements along with a specialization in Domestic & International Air… Continue reading >>>

Passport agents – the easy solution for your passport troubles

Getting a passport is a nightmare for many. The hassled processes and procedures become a dreaded experience but when approached meticulously with the help of passport agents, the whole procedure sums up with successful results.

The validity of an Indian passport is generally for ten years. It is easy to renew your passport with passport renewal services offered at passport agencies. The passport renewal services offer you to extend the… Continue reading >>>

Dea, Fbi and Cia are All Operating Covertly in Mexico?s Narco-trafficking Underworld Many U.s. Agents Dirty

By Michael Webster: Investigative Reporter May 29, 2008 3:00 p.m. PDT

The Laguna Journal reported following last September’s crash of a Gulfstream jet operated by the CIA allegedly for torture flights to Guantanamo and to other countries with loose torture laws. That particular aircraft it was found by rescue workers to have contained 4 tons of high grade Columbian cocaine. With the raging war on drugs and terror authorities on… Continue reading >>>

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