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Uncle From England Punjabi Prank Call

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Uncle From England Punjabi Prank Call .plz rante and comment on it.… Continue reading >>>

Aasif Mandvi reads from a statement by Khaled El-Masri (Reckoning with Torture)

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“Reckoning with torture: Testimonies from the `War on Terror”is public education program designed to draw attention to the torture and abuse of detainees in US custody. Members of Congress, artists, writers, a former military interrogator, and a former CIA agent and others read from texts that have brought these abuses to light. For more information:… Continue reading >>>

Pakistan army’s kicking out Hindu Taliban from wazirstan

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PAK Army kicking out rapidly hindu trained taliban in wazirstan………Geo Pak Army… Continue reading >>>


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TO VARTIKA NANDA (PUNJABI) MOBILE- +91- 9811201838 LADY SHRI RAM COLLEGE FOR WOMEN LAJPAT NAGAR –IV NEW DELHI- 110024 INDIA Dear Social / unsocial agent of criminal branch and LEGAL INTERNATIONAL CHEATER (vivek dewan). I hope you are very fine. Criminal branch digest huge amount of money from CHEATER so now he is LEGAL INTERNATIONAL CHEATER. Now criminal branch very hungry… Continue reading >>>

Rafi Sahab Meri Jaan Anari Hai From Secret Agent 1987

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Rafi Sahab Meri Jaan Anari Hai From Secret Agent 1987… Continue reading >>>

Waheed Murad great actor … Scene from Hollywood movie “Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London”

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Waheed Murad … great Pakistani (not Indian) actor … Scene from Hollywood movie “Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London”… Continue reading >>>


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100 VIEWS!!!!! A funny scene from the episode “Ricky’s Contract”. Ricky nervously awaits the results of his movie screen test, until Fred decides to “solve” the problem by pretending that Hollywood called to tell Ricky he got the job. DESILU OWNS I LOVE LUCY. I DON’T.… Continue reading >>>

Half Life – All the gman sounds from Half life 1 to Half life 2 (not hl2 ep1 & 2)

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The G-Man, voiced by Michael Shapiro, is a mysterious recurring character in the Half-Life series of first-person shooter computer games. He is known to display peculiar behavior and capabilities beyond that of a normal human, and his identity and motives remain almost completely unexplained. He plays the role of an overseer and employer, both observing the player as the games progress… Continue reading >>>

Lamhaa: A Look from two Lenses

Lamhaa: A Look from two Lenses.

Masrook A Dar


Is Kashmir all about money? Do Kashmiri schools train their students to turn into Lashkar? Are innocent children used as human bombs in Kashmir? Have sex scandals to do anything with pro freedom groups? Are women used as Human shields in Kashmir? Is every pro-freedom group corrupt in Kashmir? And every pro-Indian group the messiah, these are the question that one has… Continue reading >>>

10 questions for carpenter Carter Oosterhouse Host of shows on HGTV learned how to build from his family.

RU student confident about Miss Teen competition
It might be hard to believe Salathia Allen was shy at one time.

Read more on Redford Observer

Oley girl competing in Miss Teen contest
OLEY –– Raylyn Shultz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shultz of Oley, will be among the candidates competing for the title of Miss Teen of Pennsylvania at the 2010 state pageant… Continue reading >>>

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