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Funny Indian English speaking course in Ameerpet Hyderabad for desi NRI stundents..

Viewcount: 7057 Funny Indian ad Great Animation and story. Funny Indian ad Great Animation and story. Got Balls in Indian film industry Wifi With Complete Touch Experience 3.5G & Dual Stand By. Learn More Looking for Your Friend? Find Tarjuma India Translations on Facebook.Sign Up Free Now! Flats On Sale High Quality Flats @Rs.2075 per sft Swimming Pool, Club House, &… Continue reading >>>

Traditional Indian Pakistani Bridal makeup tutorial

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subscribe to my channel: subscribe to my sister channel for vlogs, hauls and chat: become a fan on Facebook: My Facebook business profile: follow me on twitter: This look is perfect for this Summer’s wedding season and can go with a variety of outfits. I used the most common/traditional colours: gold, bronze, copper and maroon/red. I… Continue reading >>>

Indian Prank Call (Birdman)

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An Indian security guy gets prank called in the middle of the night, then completely loses his mind. HI-LA-RI-OUS… Continue reading >>>

Zaid Hamid exposes terrorist traitor INDIAN AGENT altaf hussain and mqm

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imran farooq altaf hussain killed imran farooq… Continue reading >>>

The French and Indian War Rap

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Shortly before the Independence Declaration Back when America wasn’t yet its own nation Two colonial powers fought for territory In the year of our lord, the 18th century The French were frontin’ about their furs And were also really tired of anti-french slurs They teamed with the Red Man in ’54 AND SO BEGAN THE FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR! The British… Continue reading >>>


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Indian Hindu RAW agent admits funding suicide attacks in Pakistan

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RAW is behing the suicide attacks and bomb blasts in Pakistan… Continue reading >>>


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Gramophone precursor of the modern record player, tape and CD player. In 1877 Thomas Edison (1847-1931) invented a sound machine which he called phonograph. In 1887, Emil Berliner invented the gramophone, an improved version of Edison’s phonograph. Within a couple of years, many gramophone companies were set up. The man who introduced Bengal to the world of gramophone was FW Gaisberg… Continue reading >>>

Zaid Hamid Javed Chaudhary Exclusive Match Fixing Indian Ploy To Tarnish Pak Team

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Zaid Hamid BrassTacks Pakistan Royal News With Kal Tak Host Javed Chaudhary Exposed Indian RAW Agent Dheeraj Dixit With His Pakistani Paramour Veena Malik For Creating Match Fixing Scandel of Pakistan Muslim Cricket Team. ISI Pakistan & Pak Army Are Doing Nothing To Save Muslims History.… Continue reading >>>

Group Officer in Command (GOC) Swat on Indian Involvement in Swat

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Group Officer in Command (GOC) Swat on Indian Involement in Swat. Talat Hussain shows the tunnel used by the Zalaman / Terrorist… Continue reading >>>

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