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Pakistani christians celebrating christmas in Pakistan

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Pakistan is a peaceful islamic country with democracy and freedom of religion. In Pakistan there is 15 million christian people and they celebrate christmas. There are 10.000 churches. Racism does not exist in Pakistan. There are no terrorists in Pakistan muslims and christians are very peaceful people and terror attacks are being made by outside agents. According to Islam and the… Continue reading >>>

Pakistan ‘refusing to fight al-Qaeda’ – 30 Sept 08

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The head of Afghanistan’s spy agency has accused Pakistan of refusing to arrest the man they say was behind the bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul. In an interview with Al Jazeera, Amrullah Saleh says that his agency gave the man’s details to Pakistani officials but that the authorities have failed to act.… Continue reading >>>

COAS General Ashfaq Parvez visits South Waziristan – Operation Rah-e-Nijat – Pakistan Army

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Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani visited Wana, South Waziristan Agency to meet the field commanders and troops deployed in the area. During the day long visit, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani appreciated the morale and spirit of the troops employed in the Operation Rah-e-Nijat. He said that the Army is not conducting operations against any tribe or area… Continue reading >>>

Pakistan PPP Agents on Secret Mission Exposed by Geo TV

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Pakistan High Commissioner in UK Wajid Shamsul Hassan and NAB Senior member Danishwar Malik in Geneva Switzerland on secret mission. Please have a look they way Mr. Wajid and other people face the camera. Again it is you Pakistani People who need to make your mind what to do and who to choose to lead our nation. Thank You once again… Continue reading >>>

Many killed in Pakistan blasts

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Suspected twin suicide blasts have killed at least 50 people and injured many others at a government compound in northwest Pakistan, officials said. The target was the symbol of state authority the office of the political agent in Mohmand district, the top government official in this tribal region. The victims were pro-government tribal elders, local officials and police who were discussing… Continue reading >>>

Indian Hindu RAW agent admits funding suicide attacks in Pakistan

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RAW is behing the suicide attacks and bomb blasts in Pakistan… Continue reading >>>

Pakistan Government admits that Ajmal Kasab is a Pakistani

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After weeks of cussed denials, Pakistan finally came around to acknowledging that Ajmal Kasab, the captured Mumbai terrorist, could be Pakistani. The confirmation, by information minister Sherry Rehman to a news agency, is a small but significant step. She said, “We are confirming he is a Pakistani, but investigations are still going on.” Signficantly, late-night reports from Pakistan said that national… Continue reading >>>

Zaid Hamid With Wake Up Pakistan Team Arrives in Flood Hit Pakistan

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Zaid Hamid BrassTacks Pakistan Has Arrived to Meet Pakistan’s Leaders and Visit The Areas Devastated By Floods With All Crew of Takmeel-e-Pakistan… Continue reading >>>

Enemy Of Pakistan

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PML- N MPA Munawar Gill Has A Close Relationship With Khawaja Asif. ANP men hiding their faces. Pakistan flag NAHID KHAN ATIZAZ AHSANTV Srilanka Lawyers Movment Pakistan Musharraf MQM Punjabi Punjab Sind Sindhis Baloch Balochies 14TH August MQM Nawaz Sharif Zardari Altaf Hussain PPP PML ARMY Qazi Imran Khan Salman PM President Taliban ANP Olympics 2008 Politics Capital Talk TV Emergency… Continue reading >>>

Pakistan army’s kicking out Hindu Taliban from wazirstan

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PAK Army kicking out rapidly hindu trained taliban in wazirstan………Geo Pak Army… Continue reading >>>

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