Talk to Jazeera – Amrullah Saleh – 30 Sep 08 – Part 1

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In this episode of Talk to Jazeera the head of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency discusses his country’s accusation that the Pakistani intelligence service has been behind attacks in Afghanistan and that they have failed to act upon intelligence provided to them by Afghan intelligence agencies.

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25 Responses to “Talk to Jazeera – Amrullah Saleh – 30 Sep 08 – Part 1”

  • goergia2020:

    We need more people like him! He’s a great man!

  • khalidiqbal130:

    Dear All Afghanis and pakistanis Brothers U should see and point out our commone enemy. let me tell how long we will fight with each other. Y should not we fight with thoses who fight against the Islam and our culture. Plz do plam to pakistand and afghanistan but just think that we all are Muslims our languages our religan our Prophat (SAW) every thing is commone. Plz plz plz do not say wrong about the only one supper power of Islam That is Pakistan. and full supported Nation Afghanistan

  • BabaMazarishahid:

    In terms of his education, it has been said that he is a graduate of Cleary University, but it has been a shock, as his spoken skill goes under band 6, and not reaching to 6 even in ILETS.. I do not oppose with what he is saying, and my question is only about the langauge profeciency. Generally good and wish u all the best in your future endeavours.

  • Alborzi80:

    Good interview. Shame that Karzai betrayed him.
    marg bar taliban
    marg bar pakistan

  • al420ful:

    Afghanistan need a strong intelligence service stronger then army and this is the way that we can stop all terrorists before they do any stupid thing and beside that we should take the war to pakies we should help Balochies and others who hate paki government to fight pak army in Pakistan in order to bring them to their senses if they block the border and not allow the goods to go through we should stop the water that goes to paki land other then this nothing will works

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