White CIA Agent Confirms US Keeping Blacks Down! 2 of 5.

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This one is for all of those who deny that the “white man” IS/was actually systematically plotting to keep black in and out of the USA down and out, this – ot of the mouth of a white ex-CIA agent, should be enough to at least to get you to stop denying it. After European colonialism, the game is to maintain power and to keep others (non-white and undesirable Europeans) from moving into positions of power. How do they stop them (us)? They do it via coups disguised as local coups when they were orchestrated by the CIA. They do it via promoting civil wars and along with their European colonial borthers – they control the economies of these nations. They make it so that these nations form a dependency of whites. This is also done to give the impression of colonies being gone, but to keep resources at an all-time low – for whites, but of no real use for “others. Of course many Asian are exceptions to the rule due to the products and th fact the the white man has a hard time defeating the Asian on the battlefield. Given that, the white man gives the impression that he rules them but in reality, he does not want to go to war with Asians. Especially after Vietnam! The CIA goes all over the world and their job is to promote mischief, murder and mayhem – disrupts “other” people’s countries and keep them unstable. These countries are not unstable because they do not know how to run them, they are that way because the whites make it that way. The CIA kills, deals drugs (how do you

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9 Responses to “White CIA Agent Confirms US Keeping Blacks Down! 2 of 5.”

  • smithdave32:

    of course this true the elites of the world divide us all thier worse fear is if we all unite together. the true evil of this world big pharma the global bankers etc would be thrown from thier illusionary towers.

  • mrfreaknasssty:

    @ 6:18, ” We have Noriega’s all over the world, the C.I.A that’s its BUSINESS, it has people who are nobodies that it groomed into power who are presidents of countries, chiefs of police, there is a power structure created by the C.I.A…” ALL Americans need to wake up to this information.

  • wenithboy:

    black really need to understand the concept of ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend” to help them liberate themselves in the world. Mugabe understands though

  • frostiaus:

    lol they gone up since africa

  • StTigray1:


  • AAAAkuuuu:

    ben laddn was a noriega.

  • girard1973:

    Panama elections are like American elections. Buying votes.

  • nastyblock:

    this shyt iz deep….

  • Azzaiel:

    … how is he saying all of this?

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