Wikileaks: ISI Planned Taliban Proxy Kidnapping of American and Afghan Troops, US Troops Kidnapped

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Apparently more credible reports of ISI skulduggery are marked SEWOC, or Signals Intelligence Electronic Warfare Operations Centre, signifying they come from intercepted communications. One SEWOC report, in December 2007, accused the ISI of deploying children as suicide bombers. But the military source said that such intelligence was also prone to distortion, and that its value depended on whose conversation was being eavesdropped. “If we ever found out anything that the ISI or Pakistani military were somehow complicit in the insurgency, it never came from these sources. Never,” he said. One name that frequently surfaces is that of General Hamid Gul, director general of the ISI between 1987 and 1989, who is referenced in eight reports. One has him smuggling magnetic mines into Afghanistan to attack Nato troops; in another he is plotting to kidnap United Nations staff to bargain for imprisoned Pakistani militants. A report from January 2009 has Gul meeting Arab militants in Pakistan’s tribal belt to send suicide vehicles into Afghanistan. “It was not known whether Hamid Gul was acting with the knowledge or consent of the ISI,” the report states. But while Gul, 73, is a well-known fundamentalist ideologue in Pakistan, experts say he is unlikely to play a frontline role in the fighting. Afghan informers may have used his name — he is notorious in Afghanistan — to spice up their stories, said Semple. “There’s a pattern of using a dramatis personae of famous ISI officers and

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  • saanwer79:

    haha stupid propaganda machine mis quoting wikileaks name !!

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    pakistan supporting Taliban to kill more american soldiers and in returned obama give pakistan more aid ,money ,F-16 from american taxpayers thats called real jackass………………….. …

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