Will Swat ValleyTaliban Rule Pakistan’s Punjab, As Well In Order To Close Down All Punjabi Mujras?!!

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Divide Pakistan Between Afghanistan & India to Eliminate Terrorism!! This was the stinky paki-punjabi-ISI plan to destroy Pashtun=Afghan Nation Schools & infrastruture in Pashtunkhwa & introduce them to the world as a backwarded nation keep them in stone ages far a way from education & civilization, but this satanic plan will reach the punjab as street to street fights, soon!! The Islamic government in Swat Pashtunkhwa will rebuild the schools closed & burned by the Paki ISI agents, the Taliban Movement has to move forward to Islamabad, Lahor & the whole Punjab to introduce the sons of Ranjit to Islam !!

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9 Responses to “Will Swat ValleyTaliban Rule Pakistan’s Punjab, As Well In Order To Close Down All Punjabi Mujras?!!”

  • sulaimankhail:

    taliban de khuday tal kamyaba lari allah dar sara mal da tol pakhtana afghanan aw muslmanan taso sara de aw de tolo na eham khabara da da che allah dar sara mal da da kafiran aw punjabyan ba tol musalman ko aw ya ba sar warna ghos ko inshallah

  • himatwardakafghan:

    PUSHTANO wayam baryali wosai de murtadano mordagawano pakistaniano las landay tol omer ra nashai monga tol AFGHANAN yoo wina mo yawa da punjapian ba monga sanga pa yow line banday judha ki monga bai pa laso k bangri war wachawo..

  • popnadeem89:

    of course america lies fuck america!

  • mehseed:

    you talkj of Miuanwali and Attock….you are losing swat and malakand….hahaha mianwali and attock is urs….u have lost ur houses…u want to capture mianwali and attock….u canot liive in kabul and peshawar and swat and waziristan and orakzai and buner…you talk of mianwali and attock….hahaha

  • Papiforlife:

    yea, nobody can kill off punjabis ahahahah. its been proven time and time again. well kill em all if they try anything against us.

  • panjabiwarrior:

    i think all of us pakistanies should get together & wipe the whole of taliban out 90 million panjabies all of islamabad,karachie & the good pathans & the rest who have all had enough of the taliban we should just wipe the uneducated taliban out every single one.

  • 5p21:

    BekasKhan daa khu Pashtunkhwa khabarey dee au Attock au Mianwali ham pashtunkhwa daa

  • Olivercromwellvs:

    I am a christian living in swat I tell you USA is spreading lies about these poor people. They would not want to talk about the murder and rap of the poor kashmeri but they will spread law more lies about these people who has nothing but thier religion


    rcihard hoolbroke can suck my dick
    motherfucker nees to fuck off

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