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Terms of Use

Welcome to Web site called these Terms of Use “site” or by name. “

Please read these terms carefully, because access to the content of this site, including its use, indicates your consent to them .

Part of the site (for example, online delivery of advertising) is subject to the terms of use or other online agreements in some cases you are prompted to actively agree to the use or other online agreements are – In this case, following the steps above will be subject to both the general terms of use The following terms of use and other agreements applicable to them online as stated.

These conditions apply to the use – content contained in it using any computer or other communication device (like: cellular telephones, PDAs and various, etc.). They also apply to the use of the site, whether via the Internet and using any network or other media.

Under these conditions, the term “content” includes any kind of information, including any verbal, visual, voice.


Using –

You may use – according to the rules listed below. Do not use the Content in – otherwise, unless you receive prior written consent to do so. And in a matter of a doubt please ask us first for more information.

You may use – for personal purposes and business alike.

You may not copy, publicly display, use or permit others to use any other content published on the site (including ads) for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, other than personal and private use and / or prohibition against use of the above. This includes not copy, publicly display or use content from the boards any other Web sites, electronic publications of any kind, computer applications software, cellular telephony, radio, television, in print or any other media, etc.

You may not display content from – within a frame (Frame), visible or invisible.

You may not display content from – in every way – including by any software, device, apparatus, and file scan or communication protocol – which change the design or remove content or information of any particular advertisements and commercial contents.

You cannot link to – any site containing pornographic contents, contents which incite racism or discrimination, or contrary to the law, or they are released against the law or encourage illegal activity. may its sole discretion to prevent the publication or delete ad, bearing such a link or content and / or content or link that could harm the reputation or good name – not enough to reduce the sole responsibility of the advertiser or ad Advertising – bearing link to content or content that should not make any damage due to so; and / or to Lashed on responsibility for any claim or demand and / or claim and / or damage resulting from it.

You cannot link to Contents from –, not the site’s home page ( “deep link”) and display or publish such content in any other way, unless the deep link to a Web page on – fully as he (AS IS), so that you can use it to watch an absolutely identical manner for viewing it on – In this framework, you may not link to Contents from –, independently from the Internet pages where they appear on the site (e.g.: cannot connect directly to a photo or graphic file on –, but full page in which they appear). Also , the exact address of the Web page on – appear in the usual place designated in the user interface, for example, the address bar (Status bar) the user’s browser. No change, distort or hide this neither address nor replace any other address in this case we may cancel the deep link immediately and you will have any claim, demand or action against matter.

Provisions do not otherwise detract from the general terms of use online agreements related services on the Website.

We do not carry any responsibility for damages incurred as a result of any link to Contents from – any display or publication of such Contents in any other way. You bear full and sole responsibility for any link, display or publication of contents, made by you for any damage caused to them as a result.


Site information – General:

On – provided information from three sources: advertising and ads – on behalf of advertisers, supplemental information from content providers or content by site administrators.

Advertiser’s information – advertisements: including content (ads, comments and advertisements) on behalf of site users who wish to offer for sale products, services or information.

Submitting ads (Profiles or Requests) for publication in – does not give you the right to demand that they be published or continue running.

Ads can be text, image, voice and multimedia.

They are published on behalf of private individuals as well as from companies, institutions and businesses.

We encourage you to carefully treat critically information is posted on the Internet, including information on behalf of advertisers on the site. Ads advertising delivered on behalf of advertisers or users, and only responsibility. The site does not write or verify the content of ads, Portrait, integrities, Profiles or Requests. The site does not bear any responsibility for content ads on – sole responsibility for the content that applies to those who gave the ad for publication. Therefore, ad campaign site does not constitute a recommendation, encouragement, expressing an opinion or position on behalf of the site regarding the purchase of services, assets or products offered them for sale. Without limiting the foregoing, may see the ads before they are published or during.

Every transaction you make on your site after an ad was published is aggregated directly between you and those who provided the ad for publication. The site is not a party to any such transaction, and not be liable for services, products or information, offered the ads appear on the website or purchased following the publication and / or quality.

Who gives information and / or content advertising on – including through the ad, rather than disclosure publication that has all the rights that he may publish morality. He gives the site permit – free, worldwide and perpetual, copy, make available to the public, reproduce, distribute, market, to communicate process, edit, translate, use for advertising and / or promotion of the site and / or site Desi-agent. com and / or use the information and / or such content or any part thereof, in another way, in its discretion, on – in printed material, including newspapers, magazines, periodicals – journals, books, etc., digital media, including other Web sites, archives digital communications networks and services provided, including wireless communications, to – wired, cellular, cable and satellite.

If you wish to provide advertising ads, keep in mind: the ads are exposed to all users while sending or submitting an ad for publication on –, apply to you, full and exclusive responsibility for any consequence of publication. Use it wisely and carefully submitting personal information (such as address or telephone number) and your responses to referrals received after publication.

Remember: You should be submitting the information awareness – as well as requests to you – at least in the same degree and caution as you take in creating a connection, which is not done via the Internet. You should include ads you post illegal content. Among others and for example only, you are forbidden to advertise on – the following contents:

Any content you know to be false, misleading or false;

All proprietary content violates the rights of others or violate them – including copyrights and trademarks;

All content with pornographic or ual nature;

Any content relating to minors and identifies them, their personal details or their address and ways of communication with them;

All computer software, computer code or application containing a virus – a computer ( “virus”), including software – known hostility horse – Trojan, Worms (Worms), Oandlim (Vandals), harmful applications (Malicious Applications), etc.;

Passwords, user names and other details that allow the use of computer software, digital files, Web sites or services that require registration or payment, without payment or registration as stated;

Any content constituting defamation of a person, or hitting his privacy, and reputation;

All personally identifiable content of other people, who did not give their consent to publication of their identity;

All content with annoying character or content, offensive, hostile, threatening or vulgar;

Any content that has, or is encouraging racism, or discrimination based on race, origin, color, ethnic, nationality, religion, , occupation, ual orientation, illness, physical or mental disability, faith, political views or social status – Economic.

Any content encouraging the commission of the offense or liable to criminal prosecution or a basis for civil liability;

Any content that may mislead a consumer;

All content is contrary to accepted rules of Internet use or may cause damage or harm Internet users in general, and the user particular;

All content accessed was blocked by a password, etc., is not possible freely to all Internet users; may refuse to publish, or immediately delete all content you submitted for publication at any time you find that the violation of these terms and conditions or you did an act or omission that harms or may harm the services provided in – or user. In addition, this case may prevent you from publishing additional content on – The provisions of this add on rights under any law, are insufficient to reduce your own risk “message content as an advertiser must not stated and / or perhaps unparalleled, and to claim on responsibility for any claim or damage resulting from such publication.


More from the site:

On – you’ll find System Information published by the site, such as stories, articles, manuals, etc..

We give our best of Efforts in collecting all of the best information. However, you may fall in good faith errors, interruptions or non – inaccuracies. Information can be updated at the date collected, but will change later. Be sure to check the date of original publication, along with the information clearly indicated and relevant ad content – products, services and information offered through it.

Still do not rely on information about something very essential unless you have checked it independently.


Error Correction:

If you found out about an error or lack of information, data or any information published from any source on the site, please let us know immediately via Contact us. As far as we can, we’ll try to make it better as soon as possible.


Site Registration:

No need to register at all, but every time you want to publish a profile or ask for any agent, service or company, the site will generate you a special code for that ad? In Case you published several ads then you’ll get all the codes for the ads under the same email account you’ve used to create your ads.


Site links:

On the site you’ll find links to websites and other sources of information and content. Sites and information linked from the are not published by or on behalf of the site.

You may find information and content are not suited to your needs, or you object to their content, or believes that they aggravating, annoying, improper, illegal or immoral. The site is not responsible for web sites, in which the links lead – cannot determine how external information these trusted sites (if any), complete, accurate or current. The site does not control the information published on sites which link site and does not control them. So that you find a site link to a site does not constitute a confirmation that the information on this site is full, reliable, current or reliable and will not be enough to indicate acceptance of the and / or providing a guarantee of its reliability, current legality and / or practice with the above contents in the privacy and / or any other aspect of operation.

The site does not guarantee that all links found in the database will function properly and lead you to an active website. We May remove from the site broken links to the past, or to refrain from adding new links.

The site is not responsible for any damages directly or indirectly, financial or other damage resulting from your use or reliance on the information published to external sites, which will be using any of the services on the site.


Intellectual Property:

All copyrights and intellectual properties on the site must be reserved. You may not copy, distribute, publicly display, modify, process, create derivative works, sell, rent or provide third party any part of this by any means or through, without receiving the consent of the site prior written permission.

On – content published on – agreement between our site and third parties, such as – but not only – Maps, Price-list the vehicle or informational site. These contents copyright belong to the third party, allowed to use them. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, sell, use or provide to the public or the content of these trademarks associated with them without receiving the express prior written consent from the copyright owner of these contents. Trademarks advertisements of advertisers are the sole property sites of these advertisers only. Even where there is no use without prior written consent of the advertiser.

Who gives information and / or content advertising – including through ad or advertisement, rather than disclosure publication that has all the rights that he may publish morality. He gives the site permit – free, worldwide and perpetual, copy, make available to the public to reproduce, distribute, market, to communicate, process, edit, translate, use for advertising and / or promotion of the site and / or use information and / or such content or any part thereof, in another way, in its discretion, on – in printed material, including newspapers, magazines, periodicals – journals, books, etc., digital media, including other Web sites, archives digital communications networks and services provided, including wired communications , Al – wired, cellular, cable and satellite.

Please note: The site is the copyright owner of all the ads. You may not copy, publicly display, publicly perform, or distribute in any media that such ad or any part of them.

Advertisers and / or content providers will not publish an ad site and / or commercial and / or any Content, that for them copyright and intellectual property and trademarks including the name of their creators and / or other Permit holders copyright and intellectual property as stated (on competing Web sites – Desi, etc.), unless given prior written consent of the authorities to approve publication of such content.


Responsibility of the site:

Services and information on can be used as is (AS IS) cannot be adapted to the needs of each individual. You will have no claim or demand against the site for the characteristics of services, their capabilities, limitations, suitability to your needs or responses that would make (if any) advertising details, information or files on your behalf.

Use of these services is at your own risk! Please be aware of that.

The site does not guarantee that information you post on or ads will be responsive. The site cannot know what comments (if any) were made following publication and respond to information you submit for publication, and therefore will not be with you (or anyone on your behalf) any responsibility for these reactions. The site also will not be responsible for any use made by third parties information you submit for publication.

Every decision you make concerning the information published in the database is only complete at your own risk. The site does not guarantee that information will give advertisers the site complete, correct or accurate or suit your expectations and requirements. Remember: The site itself does not know the site’s users or advertisers, and our ability to check the truth in the information they deliver and advertise is not possible for us. The site will not be liable for any consequence for information published on site – by third parties.

The site does not guarantee that the services of the site will be uninterrupted, or will be as usual without interruption, will take place safely and without errors, and be immune to an approach – unauthorized computers or to damage the site, breakdowns, malfunctions or failures – everything, hardware, software, communication lines and systems, with the site or at its servers.


Changes of Terms & Conditions of the service:

The site can change from time to time the structure of the overall site appearance, scope and availability of services provided at every other aspect of them – all without the need to inform you in advance. Such changes will be made, among others, given the dynamic nature of the Internet and other technological changes occurring to him. Naturally, such changes may involve initially cause malfunctions or not – convenience, etc. You will have no claim or demand against the site for making such changes or failures occur incidentally implementation.

The site may terminate at any time the site services, wholly or partially. The site will publish notice of the cease-site services and a reasonable time in advance. With the termination of services will find the material contained in the Site for reasonable time information, and then be entitled to delete it without any backup and without further notice of it.


Contact us:

In short, we are careful to comply with the provisions of law and respect the rights of the sites’ users and others to the privacy and best service possible. If you believe that the published content on the site is hitting you for any reason, please Contact us and we’ll try to handle your inquiry as soon as possible.