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Golden State Warriors Tickets – Warrior Youth Movement


Golden State Warriors tickets have been extremely popular during the past few seasons thanks to a quick turnaround by the franchise, but in a tough western conference the team failed to make the playoffs this past season. The team has a mix of both young and aging players and, if they don’t shape up this season, could be heading towards a rebuilding process yet again.

Baron Davis is heading into the last year of his contract; he has the option to opt out this summer but it’s unlikely he’ll do so due to the small number of teams that possess ample cap space to sign a player of Davis’ caliber this offseason. The team is rumored to be looking to deal Al Harrington, which would make room for second-year forward Brandon Wright to step in and get some more minutes. Stephen Jackson is getting up in years and after a solid season in 07-08, he could have some value on the trade market regardless of what happens this year.

Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins, both 22, are restricted free agents this offseason and GM Chris Mullin has already declared that he’s ready to match any offer either player receives. To me, this points to the idea that Mullin is ready to put the team’s money into the young guys and could be eyeing a rebuilding movement. It wouldn’t be rebuilding in the classic sense of the word though, as the Warriors already have a lot of young talent. Ellis is one of the most dangerous scorers in the league already and is sure to help sell Golden State Warriors tickets. If he develops a consistent three point shot he’ll be unstoppable. Biedrins just about averaged a double double last season and is a defensive presence in the middle. Wright, a 20-year-old power forward, is long and athletic and has a nice touch around the rim. He showed some real promise in limited minutes towards the end of last season. The club also has D-League diamond Kelenna Azubuike who has played very well in spots. The Warriors own another lottery pick this year and will add yet another talented youth to the roster unless they trade the pick.

If the team can’t put it together for a deep run in the playoffs, though it seems unlikely they will given the depth of the Western Conference, I could see the team moving toward the future with their younger players and trying to unload some of the squad’s elders. The transition would be easier than for most teams due to the young talent already seated on the roster and the team likely wouldn’t see much of a drop off in the purchasing of Golden State Warriors tickets.


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Hindi movies have long been recognized as a narration of Indian culture and tradition. It reflects and also influences the lifestyle of Indian people to a great extent. Since the time it has been introduced it is known as the most popular form of entertainment with a mix of drama, music, action, adventure and tragedy.

Over years, the panorama of Hindi movies has changed dramatically. New ideas, new techniques of picturization, wider reach of geographical places for shooting, new stars, and advancements in Indian lifestyle have together contributed to the new picture of the present day movie industry. The themes, the style, and the direction all have changed, giving a completely new view.

Nowadays, movies have crossed its reach of themes and gone across all boundaries. Like the olden days, even today films explore the realistic issues and ideas to reflect the true colors of real life but they differ in the kind of direction. They narrate political issues, social issues, love for humanity, love for thy country, real picture of terrorism, and dramatic love stories. In the present day, the movie industry is also focusing on the documentary films that hold huge number of audience. Any natural disaster that is expected to come or any kind of terrorism that has created disaster in the country is showcased potentially in the Hindi movies.

With the advancement of technology, shooting tools and techniques have also improved that have added a realistic touch of movies. Furthermore, directors and publishers are spending enormously on shooting at international locations and other significant places. Nowadays, there is no need to create scenic stage and back stage decorations for shooting.

Songs in the films have also changed with higher influence form the western music. New musical notes, high beats, improved instruments, and better orchestra has further added to the popularity of Hindi movie songs that play a vital role in promoting the movies. Today, various genres of songs including dance numbers, devotional songs, romantic hits, and pop songs are well composed and picturized in a way that keeps the audience drawn towards it.

Indian film industry beholds a number of legendary musicians, composers, artists, directors, and singers who have taken the industry across international boundaries. Present day iconic figures like Sonu Nigam, Abhijeet, Ajay Devgan, Shahrukh khan, Hrithik Roshan, Aditya Chopra, Bipasha Basu, Kareena Kapoor, Kajol, Salmaan Khan, Aamir Khan, Preety Zinta, Tabu, Subash Ghai, Ram Gopal Verma, and Maini Ratnam have further taken the industry to new heights.

The industry is expected to embrace new talents and reach newer heights in the years to come. Even today, Indian movie industry is considered to be the most popular around the world but the future holds even better success and fame for the Indian cinemas.

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By Jennie GandhiIt is a first of sorts for Bollywood: a film about wife swapping that involves no large-scale shimmering song and dance sequences. Mixed Doubles is, in short, a serious movie about a taboo subject from India’s film capital that has for decades relied on making people laugh or cry rather than think.

Made on a budget of just £85,000 and shot over 25 days, the film is a tongue-in-cheek take on sex and marriage. “It is about what happens when the spark goes in marriage. About what happens when the bedroom is not what it used to be,” said Rajat Kapoor, the film’s director.

In tackling such a subject the film, which opened yesterday, is seen as spearheading a new genre of Indian movies that attempt to tackle issues more subtly than the current crop of blockbusters. “It is not your typical Bollywood movie where everything is completely romanticized and hypocritically suggests that we are not sexual beings. Either that or they try to titillate audiences.”

Set in middle-class Bombay, the film has a bored husband trying out wife swapping to revive his marriage. His frank, comic attempts at finding the right set of partners and eventually recasting his marriage would seem mild fare for western audiences but are refreshing for those in India.

What has struck people who have seen the film is that it shows women with a libido. Konkona Sen Sharma, who plays the frustrated wife in the film, told interviewers she had taken the role in part because it showed “that women also want to have sex. Very few films address themselves to a woman’s sexual appetite.”

Academics say movies like Mixed Doubles, which make little concession to English and deal with urban mores, are an indication of how Indian society is dividing. “What you can see is two kinds of movies. One for the dusty folk who live in the villages and plains of the country, and the other for wealthy urbanites with more cosmopolitan interests,” said Dipanker Gupta, professor of sociology at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi.

Unusually for Bollywood, actors were auditioned, a departure in an environment where studios dictate casts to directors and new starlets are more likely to be beauty contest winners than drama school graduates. “There are plenty of great actors – it is the films they lack,” Kapoor said.

He said his inspiration came from 60s Hollywood film-makers such as Billy Wilder, and he hoped to replicate the artistic respectability achieved by films like Some Like it Hot. “I wanted something a little more erotic and sensuous than your typical Bollywood movie.”A controversial Oscar-nominated Indian movie has finally been released in the country in which the script is set – seven years after a horde of Hindu fundamentalists forced the director to shoot the film in Sri Lanka.

Deepa Mehta’s Water is set in the ferment of pre-independence India and examines the social exclusion of Hindu widows, who are shunned by society after the loss of their husbands.

Hindu fundamentalists in 2000 decided that the movie’s plot and its depiction of the appalling conditions experienced by a child-widow on the burning ghats (pyres)of the river Ganges were an insult to the country’s dominant religion.

A mob destroyed the film set and burned Ms Mehta’s effigy, and the director only managed to get five minutes of reel in the can.

Ms Mehta, speaking to the Guardian at a low-key film preview today, said that the movie was not a “challenge to anyone or any society but a story”.

“I had submitted my script to the ministry [of information and broadcasting] in India for approval. It came back fine and the minister from a Hindu nationalist government said it was fine. Then I went to pre-production work and found a howling mob of 15,000 at the set, saying the script was anti-Hindu. We had to give up the movie in India after that.”

Eventually, the film was shot in neighbouring Sri Lanka with an Indian cast speaking predominately in Hindi, the language of India’s northern cowbelt. Ms Mehta is a Canadian citizen and Water ended up as that country’s official entry to the Oscars.

Shown in more than 50 countries, Water has gone on to become one of the most successful Indian language films of last year, grossing $6m in the US alone.Subash K Jha, one of India’s top film critics, said today “What do you say about a film that hits you hard where it hurts the most; so hard that it takes your breath away? (Water can) re-structure the way we, the audience, look at the motion-picture experience.”The filmmaker is no stranger to controversy. Water completes a trilogy of movies by Ms Mehta. The first episode, Fire, which featured a lesbian love affair, was banned in India.The next instalment, Earth, which centred on the bloody madness that seized Hindus and Muslims when the British retreated from the subcontinent, had sex scenes cut by Indian censors and was banned in Pakistan.”I am a storyteller. I don’t set out to provoke reactions,” Ms Mehta said. <!– From –> <!– google_ad_section_end –>

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Features of Indian Railway

The highest employer in the world – The Indian Railway is considered to be the best railway system in the world. It is said to have established a wide range of areas covered with immense customer base all around the country. The Indian Railway was founded by the British Government and later on developed by the Indian Government after the independence. Mostly all cities across the country have been covered by the Indian Railway and there is continuous bookings made by the people to all the destinations.

The Indian railway maintain tourism and catering corporation which in turn has a network of hotels and restaurants that will help the customers in reaching out to the nearest and best hotels for stay. The tourism and catering corporation of the Indian Railway have large connections with the local tourism development boards of each state. The recent update of this corporation is the e-booking of the tickets. This has proved to be a major success and nearly 75 percent of the journey tickets are booked through internet. The booking slot for the rail tickets are opened 90 days in advance and there are extra booking charges for the same.

Also the Indian Railway has the connections with the travel agents for the tickets during peak seasons. Thus, one can get their journey tickets by paying an extra sum to the travel agent. The Indian Railway operates more than 1000 trains across the country. The trains include the Shatabdi, the Rajdhani and the regular express and passenger trains. The goods carriers are the preferred ones by the merchants to transfer goods from one place to another. Indian Railway has several compartments which suit according to the luxury level of the passengers. There are even the air conditioned compartments which are preferred by the elite group of people. For long distance trains, the railways have pantry facilities which provide food and snacks round the clock.

Thus, Indian Railways are considered as the best choice for the people of middle class in India.

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Bollywood Actor Sunny Deol | Hot Bollywood Actors,Bollywood Actors

It has been taken for granted by India’s millions that their team are in the final. Kenya’s penchant for the upset – they have twice beaten India in 11 matches – seems to have been ignored altogether.

Sourav Ganguly, the captain, admitted: “Playing Kenya is better than facing any other side but we want to be up for the game because Kenya have surprised quite a few teams. In a World Cup semi-final no team can be complacent.”

The past few days have involved the usual bouts of gym training and net practice, though in yesterday’s session at Kingsmead attention was focused on the game in Port Elizabeth, where they hoped Sri Lanka would edge past Australia. Yet Ganguly knows his team are capable of toppling even the all-conquering Australians.

“Pressure can crack anybody,” he said. “Winning the World Cup is every cricketer’s dream, and I’m no different.”

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Drama has always been an integral part of entertainment. In fact, even today, drama movies, the so-called ‘tear jerkers’ do have a good opening all over the globe. One of the most dramatic sequences in cinema, is therefore the death sequence of a character – the more important the character the better.

There is no question that cinema has taken full advantage of reel deaths. In fact, in inner circles there is a saying that if a lead actor (previously called the hero, and now, in politically correct terminology, called the former) dies on the screen, his (and in recent times, her), career lives on for at least ten years more. Hey, don’t blame me for the various brackets, the world has changed.

Death has always been part and parcel of all types of fiction. What would a revenge drama be without death? Death is the concept that brings the idea of an evil tyrant playing with the lives of the innocent few home. Though sexual molestation is still by far the most horrid crime against humanity, death still rules when an idea has to be sent across a cross section of the movie viewing publicHowever, like every other concept that is beaten to death, character killings have not only been beaten, they have been flogged, whipped, skin peeled, burnt and buried to death. When one goes to the cinema theatre to watch a movie, mostly, they have an impression of being given sensible entertainment. Of course, if you like one of those ‘keep your brains at home’ capers, that’s your lot. But we don’t see too many deaths in these capers, do we?

There are a few recent examples of sensible and senseless deaths in movies. Be warned, industry rumors also voice out that some actors pay the script and screenplay writer to write out a death for their character. Not many can resist the seduction of giving up their lives, warped with the blood of a worthy fight, or losing the battle of life, lying majestically on a king sized bed, flanked by their screen husband and a varied number of friends and relatives on the silver screen. Better still, is the ‘story mover’ death. Good examples are the upright or virtuous relative, whose death creates situations for the main character to mow down a couple of people.

Like in the recent movie, ‘Rang De Basanti’. Now, this is a movie which I will recommend for everyone . It is one of those movies which proves that reel life can influence real life. Why, as a personal account, I can tell you about me and my friend traveling in the myriad lanes of Mumbai. Now, breaking a traffic signal is a accepted enough occurrence, if not common. So, the next time an Indian asks you what’s better about your company, you have another thing in your list ready – no radar to catch a traffic signal breaker. Anyway, we were at this said spot where breaking a signal was as common as changing the gear of the bike. However, we didn’t, and our finishing line was ‘Jaane de yaar, aaj kal sab logone Rang De Basanti Dekhi Hein. ‘ (Forget it friend, everyone has seen Rang De Basanti nowadays).

Over here, the moment the main protagonists go into the radio station, we know that its either a death or some magical pardon by the government for them. And believe me, I was pleased when the movie ended with the four guys killed by the government. I mean, if they had survived, it’d become a feel-good-movie, which one would only remember until their next credit card bill. It was the death of the four main characters that was responsible for the change from a story to an epic.

There have been certainly many other storylines which had no other option but the death of the character. Some that are on the top of my head right now are Jay (Amitabh Bachchan) from Sholay. Vijay Dinanath Chauhan (Amitabh Bachchan) from Agneepath, Birju (Sunil Dutt) in Mother India and Raghu (Sanjay Dutt) in Vaastav.

In fact, in the case of Mother India and Vaastav, the way the deaths take place took the movie into an entirely new plane. Both movies have mothers killing their sons. Whether it is for the sake of the entire world, or for the sake of their sons, is a matter of debate in literary circles. One trivia is that Sanjay Dutt is the son of (Late) Sunil Dutt in real time.

If you ask me one movie which I’d like to watch, and you’d to everything you could to get that movie for me, I’d say ‘Manos: The Hands of Fate’. And I am jealous of Quentin Tarantino, because he has a copy of the said movie. So, you know what’s coming up next. The worst death sequences!

Hype was hot about Ram Gopal Verma’s remake of the legendary ‘Sholay’. Some people have said that the movie had no soul, and thought RGV is one of the greatest storytellers in Indian cinema, I am forced to stand by their statement. One of the worst things in the movie is the said ‘Jay’s death in the said movie. That sequence was the most inane part of cinema I have ever seen, and yes, I was once paid to watch B grade movies, so think about it.

Recently, I caught this movie, a Marathi movie, ‘Dombivli Fast’. Now, to be very fair, this movie has won rave reviews and even a couple of awards. The story is about a common man who flips one day and goes around the city brandishing a cricket bat, then a knife and finally a pistol. He doesn’t do anything, just stabs a minister inaugurating a swimming pool by mistake. And that is when the plot goes all loose.

Why does a single man moving around with a harmless enough weapon become a matter of high security to the common problem? Why does a top officer give the orders of a ‘shoot at sight’ for a single man, who has no previous criminal record or history? Why does the man refuse to go with the police when he is apprehended, with a stupid line of ‘let me go, I want to go my family’? Will he not meet his family when he goes to the police station? This is while thinking that the sympathetic police officer would not shoot him and actually only arrest him. And keep in mind, this guy knows nothing about this ‘shoot at sight’ order. Also keep in mind that it is not entirely improbable for an innocent person to be rounded up by the police and asked questions if they are traveling alone and late in the night, especially in Mumbai.

Marathi Cinema always says that they have been given a raw deal. I, for one, am a avid follower of Marathi cinema and remember some of the good movies I have seen very nicely. However, this one climax has been a letdown for me.

Reaching a World Cup final would also be a great moment in the life of the coach John Wright, who as acting captain of the New Zealand team in the semi-final of the 1992 edition allowed the fearlessness of the Pakistanis to overawe him while defending a big total.

“For all of us it’s one of the biggest games of our career,” Wright said yesterday. “I love my job, I love the passion for cricket in India. The Indian people need, want and deserve a good cricket team, a fighting cricket team.”

At least one of the Indian cricketers, Harbhajan Singh, is glad that his family are not flying in. “It’s good they watch on television,” he said. “Let’s not change a winning pattern.”

Kenya, with their captain Steve Tikolo recovered from tonsillitis to take his place in the team, will be at full strength for the semi-final. Tikolo’s inclusion has helped the coach Sandeep Patil – a member of India’s 1983 World Cup-winning squad – retain hopes of an upset.

Every batsman, even Tendulkar, is weak around the off stump. If our bowlers show discipline, and we field well, anything can happen,” he said.

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ax authorities have impounded the luxury cars of top Bollywood stars in a crackdown on ostentatious wealth that has seen the rich and famous scurrying for cover in the country’s cities.

This weekend Sanjay Dutt, known for his street-tough roles, saw his Porsche towed away by the authorities. Earlier Suniel Shetty, a pumped-up actor, was charged with non-payment of duty on his Hummer, the civilian version of the Humvee, used by the US military. Mr Shetty says he paid 7m rupees (£95,000) for the car. The government has seized 45 such vehicles, including top-end Toyota Prados, LandCruisers, BMWs and Jaguars.

It is not just wealthy actors who have been caught in the net. The son of a prominent communist leader had to hand over the keys of two of his SUVs. Many are exclusive marques, costing more than £150,000, as India levies a 100% luxury tax on high-end motor vehicles not made in the country.

Tax officials, however, say they have uncovered a ring of dealers who have evaded these charges by using a loophole designed to promote the tourist industry. Tour operators are exempted because they need luxury cars to cater for foreign tourists. It appears some wealthy Indians are paying travel agencies to import the luxury cars they want; the ownership of the vehicle is changed later.

Motor manufacturers are increasingly eyeing the Indian market. In recent months Rolls-Royce has opened a dealership and BMW has announced plans for a plant in Tamil Nadu. Last year a chewing tobacco baron paid £600,000 for a German-made Maybach for his daughter.<!– From –> <!– google_ad_section_end –> Bollywood movie fans will soon be able to download full-length features with the file-sharing software Kazaa.

A deal struck between a partner of Sharman Networks Ltd, the company which owns Kazaa, and, a popular entertainment site, will allow Indian film producers to distribute movies, music and other large, rich media files online to an estimated 60 million international Kazaa users.

The move follows a pilot scheme in November when Bollywood thriller Supari was offered for sale at US$2.99 (£1.69) and promoted through Kazaa prior to its release in India. The file was designed to self destruct after being watched and could not be copied.

India’s film industry, dominated by Bombay’s Hindi-language hit factory, churns out about 1,000 features every year. This deal is expected to bypass the complicated and expensive film distribution system in the country.

But with internet users numbering only about 10 million out of India’s population of a billion, it is the 20 million Indians overseas who will be the short-term beneficiaries this deal.<!– From –> <!– google_ad_section_end –> Police in India’s financial and film capital bugged the telephone of one of Bollywood’s biggest stars because they suspected him of links with the city’s crime syndicates.

RR Patil, the home minister of Maharashtra state, of which Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is the capital, said that the police had learned in August 2001 that Abu Salem, who is accused of masterminding a series of bomb blasts in 1993 in the city, was allegedly being contacted on the telephone of Salman Khan, a pumped-up but hugely popular hero of modern Indian cinema.

Mr Khan’s telephone line was then put under surveillance for two months.

The news comes days after an Indian newspaper revealed taped telephone conversations that allegedly show strong ties between the film industry and organised crime in Mumbai. Recorded in 2001, the tapes allegedly show Mr Khan repeatedly boasting of his association with the underworld to Aishwariya Rai, a former Miss World who has recently broken into Hollywood.

On the tape, a male voice threatens “Ash” with dire consequences if she does not participate in a show organised by Mr Salem.

Indian television channels have broadcast the tape, claiming that the voice is that of Mr Khan. Both Mr Khan and Ms Rai insist that the tape is not genuine. Supporters of Mr Khan say the emergence of the four-year-old tape, timed to coincide with the premiere of his latest film, is a deliberate attempt to ruin the movie’s prospects.

Both Mr Khan and Ms Rai have had voice samples recorded by the police. These and the tape have been sent to a laboratory to determine whether they match. The results are due in a fortnight.

The state government has promised to take action against the actor if links with criminals are established.

There have long been rumours that Mumbai’s crime syndicates have used Bollywood to launder their ill-gotten gains. Those suspicions were partly confirmed two years ago when a film financier, Bharat Shah, was found guilty by a court of threatening actors with the help of a gangster to force them to work on his film Chori Chori, Chupke Chupke.

Analysts say that episode shook up the industry. “Since the Shah exposé, people have been a lot more careful. But these things [also] happened in early Hollywood, when the mob financed films,” said Bharti Pradhan, the editor of Moviemag International.

Most film stars have kept silent over the issue. However, Jackie Shroff, one of the older generation of Bollywood actors, has publicly claimed that criminals control the industry.

“Cine stars are supermen only on the screens, but in real life we are common persons,” he said. “If we disobey the orders of the underworld, the lives of our family members will be under threat, and if we obey [them] the administration will be after us.”

Mr Khan, one of the most popular Bollywood stars, is no stranger to controversy. Later this month, he will face a court case for alleged involvement in a hit-and-run incident.

The rocky relationship between Ms Rai, who recently starred in the British hit Bride and Prejudice, and Mr Khan has also made news for all the wrong reasons.

There have been accusations of ill-treatment and Ms Rai’s current beau, her fellow actor Vivek Oberoi, has accused Mr Khan of making threatening telephone calls to him. Mr Khan denies all the allegations. <!– From –> <!– google_ad_section_end –>

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Bollywood Actor Shiney Ahuja | Hot Bollywood Actors,Bollywood Actors

Great news for Hrithik’s fans! Superstar Hrithik Roshan will soon join the brigade of Bollywood stars at Madame Tussauds. A waxed statue of the star will be made and installed at the prestigious Madame Tussauds Museum in London. After Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan, it is now Hrithik’s turn to get waxed. Hrithik Roshan at Madame Tussauds is indeed a delightful news for his millions of fans. As per reports, his wax statue will be unveiled in 2011.

Hrithik Roshan, known for his electrifying dances, is the 5th Bollywood actor to get waxed at Madame Tussauds. Hrithik’s perfect physique and trademark charm will be soon immortalized in his wax statue. According to sources, the Bollywood heartthrob has received an official invitation from the authorities of Madame Tussauds. It is yet not known how his proposed wax figure will look, but considering his hot looks, his wax replica is definitely going to be a center of attraction at the museum.

The Bollywood hunk who was launched on the path of stardom in 2000, didn’t have to wait too long to gain entry into the Museum. To get a wax replica at Madame Tussauds is an indication of his distinguished achievements in the entertainment world. He has braved all odds to become an actor and would be more than happy to see his statue at Madame Tussauds.

The announcement of ‘Hrithik Roshan at Madame Tussauds’ is definitely a proud moment for the actor and a dream come true. Reserving a place at Madame Tussauds is yet another milestone that has come within a short span of time for Hrithik Roshan. With a wax statue at Madame Tussauds, Hrithik’s popularity is surely on the rise and is a testament to his iconic status in Bollywood.t has been dubbed Bollywood’s wedding of the decade. The reigning king and queen of Indian cinema tied the knot yesterday in a private ceremony attended by a small group of billionaires, politicians and close family.

Following Hindu tradition in northern India, actor Abhishek Bachchan, 31, rode in on a white horse leading his wedding procession in Mumbai, before circling a fire to marry one of his leading ladies, Aishwarya Rai, 33. The bride and groom exchanged wedding vows in a huge air-conditioned tent, wreathed in red and pink flowers and covered in green and gold cloth, in a garden adjoining the Bachchan family home.

Fewer than 100 guests had been invited, most of them the cream of Bollywood. Not present was Sonia Gandhi, who had once been was close to the Bachchans in the late 80s but fell out with them over politics. Hundreds of police and security guards kept out gatecrashers.

People began gathering at the Bachchans’ residence two days ago. Some came bearing boxes of sweets and said they wanted to bless the couple. Other fans slept on the pavement to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars who dropped by to offer congratulations.

The bride is a former Miss World who became India’s favourite actress, while her husband, part of a new wave of heartthrobs, is the son of actor Amitabh Bachchan, who was named the Greatest Star of the Millennium by a BBC online poll, ahead of Marlon Brando, Sir Laurence Olivier and Charlie Chaplin.

“It’s our idol’s son’s marriage. We don’t need an invitation,” Manikchand Choksi, a young Bachchan fan who came from the northern city of Allahabad, the actor’s hometown, told Reuters. “We think we are a part of the groom’s side.”

Many Bollywood fans go to extreme lengths to celebrate their on-screen idols. Fire engines were on hand to extinguish mock Hindu fire ceremonies on the streets outside the Bachchan house.

But the wedding has not been without controversy. A Bollywood starlet drove up to the wedding gates yesterday and slashed her wrists.

Janavi Kapoor, who is in her mid-20s, starred in a song-and-dance sequence in Abhishek Bachchan’s film Dus in 2005. She claimed they had a year-long affair and that he had promised to marry her. She was arrested and taken to hospital, where she received 40 stitches.

Bachchan and Rai, who have starred in five films together, became engaged in January and their courtship has been the subject of intense media speculation.

Newspapers hinted at a break-up in March because neither had time to get married. There were also reports that the Bachchan family had been angered by Rai’s lingering on-screen kisses with another Bollywood actor in the action movie Dhoom 2.

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6 Tips for LGBT Actors & Models to Consider When Starting Your Career


It is very important to realize that you are special because you are a part of a relatively new market segment that is receiving attention from large companies and buyers, looking to advertise and court your segment of population. As a member of the LGBT community, you have incredible buying-power and a brand-loyalty that many companies are wanting. For example, in the summer of 2010, Amtrak released their first LGBT print campaign.  They are advertising with the hopes of getting your segment of population to buy from them. How this translates to you, as a performer, is simple. These companies want real LGBT talent in their LGBT campaigns.



You must find a talent agency that specializes in representing LGBT actors and models. Although you shouldn’t target only exclusively LGBT talent agencies, you should be interested in working with agencies that actively pursue booking opportunities with LGBT clients.  When you approach the agency, it is important that you have the proper marketing tools for the agency (Professional current headshots, for actors, or professional current pictures, for models; current acting coaches; demos of your past work (even non-LGBT related).



I do not recommend being afraid to tell your agent or representative of your desire to get involved in LGBT campaigns. Some agents will never know of your interest or desire to get involved in these campaigns without you speaking up.  As a veteran agent, when I work on LGBT campaigns, I always look, first, to my actors and models that have spoken to me about this desire.



Surround yourself with other LGBT actors and models. Many cities around the country have organizations, acting troupes, theatre companies and film companies that want and need new members. This is really important for your networking and often companies contact these groups as an effective and efficient resource when looking for LGBT talent.  You never know who you might meet or run into when getting involved in the LGBT talent community in your city. (Agents, Casting Directors, Film Director or Advertising Executives)



Give back to others in your community, as an LGBT actor or model! I am firm believer that you will “reap what you sow” in your community. So lend your experience and talent to opportunities to help others, even children, in your area. Again, you never know what other opportunities could arise from you deciding to help others.



Be brave and be bold! Your lifestyle is one of pride and being authentic. Protect your body, as this is your product as an actor or model. Eat healthy and stay active. You have to be ready at a moments notice to book a gig! You are “family” so respect your body.

Josh Robbins is a veteran talent agentand owner of BNA Talent Group in Nashville, TN, representing actors, hosts, children and models for film, television, commercials, print, and industrials. Josh works with Nashville photographer Shane Messer, internet marketing expert Raychle Searfoss, and Casting Agency Websites.

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Justice League: The New Frontier


The film (set from 1953-1960) begins with an unknown entity (voiced by Keith David) explaining how it has witnessed the evolution of life on Earth:

Like all things on this hurtling sphere, I emerged from the molten center of creation. But mine has been a unique path. Isolated, I developed attributes beyond those of lesser beings. Then the sphere was struck by a vast celestial stone. Black chunks of death filled the skies and the world became a chaotic garden of doom. Soon the sphere began to nurture new kinds of life. And there was one that stood above the rest. Its fragile shell belied its vicious nature. And in what seemed like a heartbeat, these things proliferated in both number and destructive means. Now they have harnessed the most destructive force. And I, The Centre, have concluded that the sphere must be cleansed of them.

This explanation is shown being written and illustrated under the title “The Last Story” by a mysterious person who then shoots himself.

The film cuts to the end of the Korean War, where United States Air Force pilot Hal Jordan (voiced by David Boreanaz) and his wingman, Kyle “Ace” Morgan (voiced by John Heard), are attacked by enemy pilots not yet informed of the cease-fire. Hal is shot down in the ensuing conflict, and forced to kill a North Korean soldier after ejecting to safety. The trauma of this event leads Hal to a mental ward within a hospital for two years.

Elsewhere, at Gotham Observatory, the last survivor of the Green Martian race, J’onn J’onzz (voiced by Miguel Ferrer), is inadvertently teleported to Earth by a scientist, Dr. Saul Erdel. The shock of J’onn’s appearance causes Erdel to succumb to a heart attack, though not before he apologizes for stranding the Martian. Unable to return to Mars, he disguises himself as Dr. Erdel.

The following year, Superman (voiced by Kyle MacLachlan) meets Wonder Woman (voiced by Lucy Lawless) in Vietnam, where she celebrates with a group of women she rescued from political rebels. The Amazon allowed them to exact their own brand of fatal justice upon their captors, which Superman is horrified to learn. He reminds Diana that the government is distrustful at best of the heroes, which has led to the Justice Society’s disbanding and Hourman’s death, as well as Batman’s branding as a fugitive vigilante. Superman also tries to remind her that mitigating the general public’s fear is why they signed loyalty oaths to the United States government. Diana, however, resolves that she must do what she feels is right. The two part at odds, and Diana later leaves America to return to Paradise Island. Superman later confides in Lois Lane (voiced by Kyra Sedgwick) about Wonder Woman and Batman, neither of whom, he says, would sacrifice their principles for each other.

In Gotham City, J’onn J’onzz has been living quietly under the guise of Dr. Erdel, while learning what he can about humans and Earth society through television. He shape-shifts into different guises during his nightly viewing, such as Groucho Marx and Bugs Bunny, before settling on the form of a film noir detective.

In Las Vegas, reporter Iris West (voiced by Vicki Lewis) is on assignment to interview singer Buddy Blake, at the same casino where Hal Jordan and Ace Morgan are enjoying themselves. While Iris is on the phone with her boyfriend Barry Allen (voiced by Neil Patrick Harris), Captain Cold (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) arrives to rob the casino. Hearing the events on the phone, Barry races to Vegas from Central City as The Flash and confronts Cold, who tells him he has hidden six cryogenic bombs around Vegas set to go off in 90 seconds. Flash zips around the city and locates five of the bombs, but deduces the sixth is a decoy, and captures Cold before he can escape by helicopter. Before being subdued, Cold is possessed by the unknown entity from the prologue, who asks Flash why he is faster than “the other lesser beings” before leaving the Rogue.

Hal and Ace leave the casino and head into the desert. Hal is unclear about their destination, which Ace keeps a surprise. Ace notices Hal has been acting differently, and Jordan confesses things haven’t been the same since the war and his time in the hospital. He also admits his past hospitalization has kept him from getting a job with a top aircraft company. It’s after Hal confides in Ace that the two arrive at Ferris Aircraft, where an opening as a test pilot is indeed waiting for Hal, thanks to a recommendation from his friend.

Back in Gotham, J’onn joins the Gotham City Police Department under the name John Jones, and with his integrity, cunning analytical skill, and telepathy, quickly rises to the ranks of detective in just two years. After investigating a kidnapping of a child which was later discovered to be part of a sacrificial ritual for a cult that worships something called The Centre, J’onn and his partner Slam Bradley (voiced by Jim Meskimen) meet Batman (voiced by Jeremy Sisto) for the first time as he is also investigating the kidnapping. The two cops join Batman in battle against the cult, but a fire is started during the fight, rendering J’onn powerless until Slam extinguishes it. Afterward, when Batman attempts to free the boy from his bonds, the child is terrified at the sight of him. J’onn arrives to calm the boy down and then he and his partner free the child themselves. The entity which possessed Captain Cold speaks through the incapacitated cult leader, identifying itself as “The Centre” and warning of an impending judgment.

Hal Jordan begins training exercises under Col. Rick Flagg (voiced by Lex Lang) at Ferris Industries. His joking, devil-may-care attitude rubs Flagg the wrong way, but Carol Ferris (voiced by Brooke Shields) is understanding and recognizes Hal’s natural ability. Carol also recognizes that Hal needs to know the true nature of his training, which she soon reveals to him: the government has commissioned Ferris Aircraft to build a spacecraft capable of travel to Mars. Special agent King Faraday (voiced by Phil Morris) is assigned to oversee the project, which is in response to Dr. Erdel’s contact with Mars and J’onn’s arrival.

Back in Gotham, the Dark Knight reveals his knowledge of J’onn’s true nature in his apartment, as he is able to find a way to shield his mind from J’onn’s telepathy, and suggests that they should form an alliance as they are both investigating the cult that is rising throughout the world cult that worships the Centre. J’onn’s demonstration of kindness toward the boy led Batman to believe that he can be a trusted ally. However, he warns J’onn that should he betray him, he is fully aware of and willing to use the Martian’s vulnerability to fire against him.

In Central City, The Flash defeats Gorilla Grodd (or, rather, a robotic duplicate), but is targeted by government agents, as they attempt to capture him in an effort to learn the secret of his powers. Though he narrowly escapes, the experience leads the Flash to consider retiring from his crimefighting career.

J’onn J’onzz interrogates Harry Leiter, a former Ferris employee apprehended for murder while under the influence of the Center. During the questioning, Harry lets word slip about the launch to Mars. Leiter’s ramblings are confirmed when Faraday arrives to take him into custody. J’onn briefly glimpses into the agent’s mind and learns the truth. After watching the Flash announce his retirement on live television, and seeing the public contemptuous response, a disheartened J’onn attempts to stow away on the rocket so that he may return home. Before leaving, he arrives in Batman’s headquarters, the Batcave, revealing that he’s been aware of Batman’s secrets for quite some time (using his cunning detective skills instead of his telepathy), and gives him the last of his research on The Centre. J’onn reveals to Batman that he’s losing faith in humanity, as he sees that there’s too much hatred, ignorance, and conformity within the people around him, which made him decide to leave Earth. Batman’s response is cold and brief, as he tells J’onn some people don’t have the luxury of leaving Earth.

While attempting to board the ship, J’onn is seen on camera by Faraday, who confronts J’onn and fights him on the launchpad. J’onn is able to beat Faraday, but saves him from the rocket exhaust by flying him to a platform before collapsing. The rocket is damaged and malfunctions shortly after exiting the atmosphere. Hal wants to attempt a landing, but his co-pilot, Col. Rick Flagg, reveals that the rocket is loaded with weapons of mass destruction, and as such he won’t risk it. After a brief struggle, Hal is ejected from the cockpit. Though he is saved by Superman, the distraction allows Flagg to detonate the rocket.

J’onn J’onzz is held as a prisoner by Faraday. Superman blasts Faraday for treating J’onn differently from him (a Kryptonian and thus also an alien), just because J’onn looks radically different. He also points out the captivity is entirely J’onn’s decision because he can escape at any time using his powers.

On Paradise Island, Wonder Woman trains with Mala, and tells her of how America has changed since the war. Her training partner says the island has changed as well, and that many Amazons desire a change in leadership. Though Diana quickly fends off a challenge from her fellow Amazon, the two of them are soon beset upon by the approaching Center.

Hal Jordan is later found by Abin Sur (voiced by Corey Burton), the Green Lantern of Sector 2814. The destruction of the rocket badly wounds him as he enters Earth’s atmosphere, so he instructs his ring to find a worthy replacement. He leaves his ring with Hal, and tells him of The Centre, which he describes as a “monstrous creature” that fears humans and seeks their destruction.

In the Batcave, Superman reviews J’onn’s research with Batman and meets Robin (voiced by Shane Haboucha) for the first time. Batman has altered the design of his suit so it won’t frighten an innocent, but is still able to strike terror in the heart of a guilty. As they discuss the Centre, they hear Lois reporting on the attack of a giant pterodactyl at Cape Canaveral. Superman arrives at the scene and quickly defeats the creature. Almost immediately afterwards, Wonder Woman’s invisible jet makes a crash landing, its cockpit smeared with blood. Before losing consciousness, Wonder Woman warns Superman that the Centre is coming.

Faraday eventually befriends J’onn who saved his life, and occasionally plays chess with him. J’onn reveals to Faraday that he decided to remain at the agent’s base willingly because of the upcoming battle with The Centre, and had telepathically looked into the agent’s mind during their battle at the platform. J’onn found that Faraday believes that one day the world won’t be living in fear and hate. Finding that within Faraday, J’onn has renewed hope for humanity and decides to participate in the battle to save Earth. Before leaving with Faraday, J’onn adopts a new Martian/human superheroic hybrid form as the Martian Manhunter, believing it is honest to his heritage with a friendly appearance to human perception.

The Centre

Following this, the Centre begins its attack in earnest at the coast of Florida, finally revealed as a massive flying island, with an army of mutated dinosaurs to guard it. The threat draws heroes such as Flash (whom Iris talks into coming out of retirement), Green Arrow, Adam Strange, the Challengers of the Unknown, and the Blackhawks, who clash with the soldiers on base. The conflict is stopped by Superman, who advocates cooperation between the two sides. He is unexpectedly seconded by Faraday, accompanied by J’onn, who agrees that the government and the heroes must work together for freedom. With that, Superman heads out to do reconnaissance on the Centre, but is swiftly and shockingly defeated.

Moved by his effort, the rest of Earth’s superheroes and military forces band together to defeat the Centre. Batman interrupts a meeting between Faraday, J’onn, Will Magnus (voiced by Townsend Coleman), and the Challengers. Batman brought with him Ray Palmer, a scientist known for his work with matter reduction. When one of the Challengers argues the technology is too unreliable, destabilizing anything it shrinks, Batman replies that’s exactly the point, and a plan is formed to use Palmer’s reduction ray to destabilize the island. The heroes will distract the Centre with a frontal assault (while Hal and Ace fly a bombing mission into the creature), leaving Flash to quickly crisscross the island with the ray.

While the aerial assault (including Batman and Green Arrow as pilots) is nearly outmatched before the intervention of the Blackhawks, Faraday’s ground forces are ambushed by a herd of rampaging mutant dinosaurs. J’onn is overwhelmed by the psychic impact from The Centre and is rescued by Faraday, who is shortly thereafter captured by a dinosaur. As he is about to be eaten by a tyrannosaurus, Faraday grabs two hand grenades and pulls the pins. The dinosaur swallows Faraday and immediately afterwards its head explodes from the grenade detonation, killing both it and Faraday. The shock of his friend’s death helps J’onn shake off the Centre’s hold, and he and a recovered Wonder Woman help turn the tide of the ground battle.

Hal Jordan and Ace Morgan manage to shoot their way into the core of the creature, but are disoriented at first by its hallucinogenic effects. The creature secretes a thick red fluid that jams their weapons and almost suffocates them. It is then that Hal’s ring activates, relaying instructions from the Guardians of the Universe (voiced by Robin Atkin Downes) as to its use. Ace manages to detonate his payload, and is rescued by Hal–now dressed in a costume identical to Abin Sur’s–just before his plane explodes.

The explosion gives the ground crew their opening as they prepare to send Flash to finish the creature. The speedster is struck by the gravity of the situation and his role in it, but J’onn reassures him that everyone will be behind him. Flash races across the ocean and leaps onto the Centre’s surface, covering the entire surface on foot before leaping into the ocean. The Centre begins to shrink, but realizing its imminent destruction, it heads toward land to destroy the humans along with it. Hal realizes what he must do, and envelops the island in green energy, then tows it into space where it explodes.

The entire world celebrates the Centre’s defeat. As many participants in the battle attend a ceremony, Hal celebrates the victory his own way by pursuing his lifelong dream: flying through space with the aid of his new power ring. During the celebration, Superman is revealed to be injured but still alive, saved by a man named Arthur (voiced by Alan Ritchson) who claims to be from an underwater kingdom. He and his subjects treated Superman’s wounds during the battle with the Centre. Superman is reunited with Lois and the rest of the heroes, who are touted so on the front page of the Daily Planet.

This monumental victory and display of teamwork changes public opinion about superheroes, and a montage of various heroes and villains (with cameos by Supergirl, the Teen Titans, Black Manta, Brainiac, Captain Marvel, Darkseid, Black Canary, Doctor Light, Doctor Sivana, Gentleman Ghost, Harley Quinn, Joker, Key, Lex Luthor, Monocle, Plastic Man, Ra’s al Ghul, Riddler, Robin, Star Sapphire, Two-Face, and Ultra-Humanite) as well as the birth of the world’s second generation superhero team: Justice League, set to the titular John F. Kennedy speech, is shown just before the film ends.


Voice actor


David Boreanaz

Harold “Hal” Jordan/Green Lantern

Miguel Ferrer

J’onn J’onzz/John Jones/Martian Manhunter

Neil Patrick Harris

Bartholomew “Barry” Allen/The Flash

John Heard

Kyle “Ace” Morgan

Lucy Lawless

Princess Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman

Kyle MacLachlan

Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman

Phil Morris

King Faraday

Kyra Sedgwick

Lois Lane

Brooke Shields

Carol Ferris

Jeremy Sisto

Bruce Wayne/Batman

Alan Ritchson

Orin/Arthur Curry/Aquaman

Keith David

The Centre

Vicki Lewis

Iris West

Lex Lang

Rick Flagg

Shane Haboucha

Dick Grayson/Robin

Townsend Coleman

Dr. Will Magnus

James Arnold Taylor

Leonard Snart/Captain Cold

Robin Atkin Downes

Guardians of the Universe

Corey Burton

Abin Sur

Jim Meskimen

Samuel “Slam” Bradley

Critical reception

Justice League: The New Frontier received mostly positive reviews. Screener copies were sent to those who reviewed them on websites a month prior to the DVD’s official release. Even then, most of the reviews were positive and geared up the film’s release even more.

Newsarama reviewed the DTV before its Feb. 26th release, saying that it was “one of the best things to ever come out of [Bruce] Timm stable.” Commenting also that the acting was exceptional. The World’s Finest, a fansite dealing with DC Animations, said that it was “the first animated feature in a long time that Ie felt completely satisfied while walking away from.” A reviewer from Ain’t it Cool News said that it was “my favorite film of 2008” and also said that it was “everything I had hoped for.” Other sites, including some non-fansites, had similar reactions. From IGN giving the film and DVD total an 8.0, ENI saying it was enjoyable, and labeling its advice as “Recommended”.

Entertainment Weekly, talking about direct-to-videos and Superman Doomsday, revealed that pre-orders for The New Frontier were tracking further ahead than expected.

The New Frontier was nominated for an Emmy under the category of Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming One Hour Or More) in 2008.


Justice League: The New Frontier is available in both single and two-disc editions. The cover of the single disc includes the pan shot from DC: The New Frontier with the heroes going forth, while the two-disc, HD DVD and Blu-ray editions includes Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman above the title logo with Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Flash and others below it. Best Buy had an exclusive with a Green Lantern action figure from DC Direct with the DVD package. This Green Lantern figure stands under 3 inches tall. Wal-Mart had a single DVD package exclusive with “The New Frontier Green Lantern” CD-ROM Comic Book inside. The single, two-disc and Blu-ray editions were released on February 26, 2008, with the HD DVD edition released on March 18, 2008.

The special features range from a documentary on the forty-seven year history of the Justice League, commentaries, a documentary on how the early mythological villain archetypes were adapted into the Justice League stories, a featurette on the themes, elements from the comic to film versions of New Frontier, three episodes of Justice League Unlimited and finally a 10 minute preview to the next animated film; Batman: Gotham Knight.


Like Superman: Doomsday, Justice League: The New Frontier had a soundtrack released by La La Records on March 18, 2008. The music was composed by Kevin Manthei, the track listing is as follows.

Justice League: The New Frontier (Soundtrack From The DC Universe Animated Original Movie)

Film score by Kevin Manthei


March 18, 2008


La-La Land Records

“Main Titles” (2:01)

“The Centre / Hal Shot Down” (2:50)

“J’onn J’onzz Arrives” (0:51)

“Wonder Woman Recounts / J’onzz Watches TV” (2:11)

“The Flash Saves Las Vegas” (3:32)

“J’onn Becomes John / Church Brawl” (3:12)

“Carol & Hal Banter” (0:22)

“Driving to Ferris / The Real Ferris” (1:34)

“Hal’s Mission Revealed / Batman Surprises J’onzz / The Flash Fights Gorilla” (2:52)

“Crazy Scientist” (1:37)

“J’onzz Contemplates / J’onzz is Leaving” (1:18)

“To Space” (1:27)

“Mars Mission Mess” (4:13)

“New Green Lantern” (3:56)

“Superman Ties It Up / J’onzz Bonds” (2:41)

“Island Revealed / Superman Down” (5:22)

“Plan to Action” (2:35)

“Thick of Battle” (4:32)

“The Flash vs. Centre / Last Bit of Business” (3:37)

“Victory” (3:09)

“End Credits” (3:01)


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