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Agent Vinod all set to release on March 23

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The much-awaited action-spy film Agent Vinod , with Saif Ali Khan and his real life lady love Kareena Kapoor , is ready for release on march 23. And its comparisons with the “James Bond” series are inevitable, says Saif Ali Khan. Dismissing any similarities with fictional spy agent James Bond, Bollywood actor-producer Saif Ali Khan says his character in “Agent Vinod” is absolutely desi.

Agent Vinod – Desi Bond?

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Saif Ali Khan makes a very hard attempt to get out of his romantic hero image and be another action hero. Find out for more. For more videos log on to Facebook: Twitter:

Humza Badman Crew Interview: JP, Kalum, Asif and Agent Kalia

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Noreen Khan from BBC Asian Network hosted the Badman Comedy Tour 2011 and during the tour inteviewed some of Badman’s crew who feature in the diaries. Here she catches up with singers JP and Kalum plus Asif and Agent Kalia. They talk about how they got involved with the diaries and about Humza himself.

Agent Vinod trailer fails to arrive with Desi Boyz

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DATE- 06-06-2011 TO SHO POLICE STATION PACHIM VIHAR NEW DELHI TO THE CHOWKI-IN-CHARGE POLICE CHOWKI TIS HAGARI DISTRICT COURT DELHI-110054 Subject; – Crime business is top quality business for POLICE + OKIL Ref;- 1. DD NO 21 PP TISHAZARI date; – 4-6-11 by gautam choubey 2. DD NO 38A PACHIM VIHAR date;- 28-5-11 by ash kumar Dear Sir Some advocated and police staff create problem and file cases/complain deferent court and police station for income of money only. Encloser 2 complains latter one is GAUTAM CHOUBEY (advocated) and other is police staff ASH KUMAR. Gautam choubey is very close relative of ash kumar. So maney higher officer is very close friend of gautam choubey so it is very easy to this work. Ash kumar one son living in Chennai so I am received so many falls e-mail and unsocial calls from this number from Chennai 044-24326738 , 09895045102 , 09847046100 , 09840440083 , Enclosed a video CD we record ash Kumar phone calls please cheek it… NIRANJAN KUMAR SINGH (BANGALI) 124, PLOT NO 11 CLASSIC APTTARMENT SECTOR -X11 DWARAKA NEW DELHI-110075 SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE POLICE STATION Date; – 06-06-2011 GURGAON HARYANA 122001 Subject;- CRIME BUSNESS IS TOP QUALITY BUSNESS FOR OKIL ,POLICE Respected dear sir I will conform ISHWAR SINGH is Okil (Mobile no- 9958991544, 9899264301 residence is very secret place) is very close friend of some higher officer and political leader so some legal international cheater and blackmailer (vivek dewan (Punjabi) gaurav kataria

American Income Life California State General Agent Desi Dimitrova

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Desi Dimitrova is the State General Agent for American Income Life Insurance Company in Southern California. After getting her degree in International Business, she was looking for a career in which she could find financial stability and help others to do the same; she was able to achieve this at American Income. Desi says that the opportunity for growth and success at American Income Life has never been better than it is today.

Asian FBI agent

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CIA agent Raymond Davis

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Join me on Facebook An American, Raymond Davis killed two Pakistanis in the name of Self defense as he stated after his immediate arrest by the Lahore Police. Police has taken his six days remand, where at the same time American consulate has demanded his immediate release, without prosecution. There is one good and one bad news. Good news is for Raymond’s family that Davis will be released anyway apparently, and the bad news is for Pakistan People’s Party government that whatever happens, the benefit will be taken by the opposition Party Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. Guys, do you know why I think Davis will be released and that PMLN will take the benefit of whole situation? I would like to put forward two scenarios for your consideration. Scenario 1: Consider the case if Davis is prosecuted by the Lahore High court, and is released in name of Self defense, then what will be the reaction Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz? As per my understanding, to win the hearts of People of Pakistan, Muslim League Nawaz would like to make sure that Davis is granted the jail term and may support the protests against his expected release. This way, PMLN will become more popular than Peoples Party for the next election, where at the same time Peoples Party’s government would like to grant him release. Scenario 2: If peoples Party gets Davis out of country, then the PPP Government will again become less famous than PMLN. On the other side, the only way Peoples Party can get

Schizophrenic Zaid Hamid calls Hamid Mir a CIA agent

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Zaid Hamid in a radio interview says Hamid Mir does propaganda work for the CIA and defends terrorist “pro-Pakistan” Taliban Jallaluddin Haqqani. Link to the complete interview:

Agent Vinod

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Agent Vinod – Bollywood Movie – 1977 Directed By : Deepak Bahry Starring : Mahendra Sandhu, Asha Sachdev, Iftekhar, Pinchoo Kapoor, Nazir Hussain, Rehana Sultan, Helen, KN Singh, V. Gopal, Vishwa Mehra, Rajan Kapoor, Viju Khote, Sunder, Bhagwan, Jayshree T, Leena Das. Music Director : Raam Laxman, Lyricist : Ravindra Rawal Singers: Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle, Shailendra Singh, Manna Dey, Usha Mangeshkar, Jaspal Singh, Dilraj Kaur, & Mahendra Kapoor. Synopsis : The kidnapping of a prominent scientist, Ajay Saxena (Nazir Hussain) prompts the Chief of Secret Services (KN Singh) to assign flamboyant Agent Vinod (Mahendra Sandhu) to this case. While on this assignment, Vinod meets with Anju Saxena (Asha Sachdev). Together they confront the abductors of her dad, Madanlal (Iftekhar), with the help of Chandu alias James Bond (Jagdeep) and his gypsy girlfriend (Jayshree T.).