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DATE- 06-06-2011 TO SHO POLICE STATION PACHIM VIHAR NEW DELHI TO THE CHOWKI-IN-CHARGE POLICE CHOWKI TIS HAGARI DISTRICT COURT DELHI-110054 Subject; – Crime business is top quality business for POLICE + OKIL Ref;- 1. DD NO 21 PP TISHAZARI date; – 4-6-11 by gautam choubey 2. DD NO 38A PACHIM VIHAR date;- 28-5-11 by ash kumar Dear Sir Some advocated and police staff create problem and file cases/complain deferent court and police station for income of money only. Encloser 2 complains latter one is GAUTAM CHOUBEY (advocated) and other is police staff ASH KUMAR. Gautam choubey is very close relative of ash kumar. So maney higher officer is very close friend of gautam choubey so it is very easy to this work. Ash kumar one son living in Chennai so I am received so many falls e-mail and unsocial calls from this number from Chennai 044-24326738 , 09895045102 , 09847046100 , 09840440083 , Enclosed a video CD we record ash Kumar phone calls please cheek it… NIRANJAN KUMAR SINGH (BANGALI) 124, PLOT NO 11 CLASSIC APTTARMENT SECTOR -X11 DWARAKA NEW DELHI-110075 SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE POLICE STATION Date; – 06-06-2011 GURGAON HARYANA 122001 Subject;- CRIME BUSNESS IS TOP QUALITY BUSNESS FOR OKIL ,POLICE Respected dear sir I will conform ISHWAR SINGH is Okil (Mobile no- 9958991544, 9899264301 residence is very secret place) is very close friend of some higher officer and political leader so some legal international cheater and blackmailer (vivek dewan (Punjabi) gaurav kataria


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Cardiff Asian Club Nights & Proudly Present DESI NACH..! JUGGY D – Catch The Award Winning Punjabi Rockstar Performing Live On Stage His Hit Tracks ” Soniyeh, Vang Teri, Billo, Nahin Jeena, Punjabi Rockstar ” & Loads More From His Forthcoming Album. Supported By… ★ TEMPTASIANS – Playing Exclusives From Their Debut Album “SKYLINE” ★ ★ DJ SHIN-D – Desi Lick/ Passion Radio Bristol ★ ★ DJ Kam – Crystal Entertainment ★ ★ DJ VC – Playing The Best In Bollywood ★ ★ DJ DT – Dream Studios ★ ★★ THURSDAY 2ND JUNE @ OCEANA (ICEHOUSE), CARDIFF, CF10 3DP ★★ MUSIC POLICY: Bollywood/ Bhangra & RnB ENTRY – Advance Tickets £8 / VIP £15 Includes Q-Jump, VIP Room Access, Bar & Balcony (Tickets Will Cost More On The Door) – Strictly Over 18’s: ID Required DRESS CODE: Stricktly No Sportswear, Smart Trainers & Shoes Only! ADVANCE TICKETS: BB Pin: 22F58D38 Or Contact The Following Ticket Agents Below… CARDIFF: 07870780058 – NEWPORT: 07766370162 – SWANSEA: 07590423299 – BRISTOL: 07896179249 – UWIC: 07759724364 – CARDIFF UNI: 07714023975 – GLAMORGAN UNI: 07531124110

Will Swat ValleyTaliban Rule Pakistan’s Punjab, As Well In Order To Close Down All Punjabi Mujras?!!

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Divide Pakistan Between Afghanistan & India to Eliminate Terrorism!! This was the stinky paki-punjabi-ISI plan to destroy Pashtun=Afghan Nation Schools & infrastruture in Pashtunkhwa & introduce them to the world as a backwarded nation keep them in stone ages far a way from education & civilization, but this satanic plan will reach the punjab as street to street fights, soon!! The Islamic government in Swat Pashtunkhwa will rebuild the schools closed & burned by the Paki ISI agents, the Taliban Movement has to move forward to Islamabad, Lahor & the whole Punjab to introduce the sons of Ranjit to Islam !!

Uncle From England Punjabi Prank Call

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Uncle From England Punjabi Prank Call .plz rante and comment on it.

(PUNJABI NEWS PART-1) Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal BJP Leader Stated about Cyber Terrorism

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CHANDIGARH: , BJP, BJYM, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morha Chief Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal stated that Terrorists are openly using Websites to propagate hatred through inflammatory Articles, Pictures and Videos amongst muslims motivating them to raise funds, organize advocacy and volunteer terror activities for these outfits. Grewal termed the UPA Government “ignorant” about the misuse of Information Technology by the Terrorists of the World. Grewal said that Social Networking sites such as Orkut and Facebook are helping these perpetrators to Communicate, Collaborate and Network with the likeminded. Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Live etc Index these Websites and inadvertently help these terror outfits by routing Internet users to these Websites. Popular Websites such as Youtube provide these fanatic minds complete recipe to make sophisticated bombs from household items and without any technical expertise. Grewal further stated that Terrorists can now plan and execute terror activities without apprehending arrest as emerging technologies such as Google Earth and Google Maps provide substantial information about vital demographic know how and even Real time GPS Tracking. Technologies such as Voice over IP and Chinese Phones without any IMEI Number or a forged IMEI Number help them to communicate and collaborate with their peers without fearing any identity loss. Terrorists have been using advanced cryptographic techniques to encode their messages into

Abu vs Punjabi Taxi driver

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How Abu deals with Punjabi taxi drivers and cup admin powers

Punjabi Prank Caller pranked by gunu

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punjabi prank caller Eshan Choudhary pranked check out

Funny Punjabi Prank Call To Dollar Store (Punjabi Swearing)

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Ima Uncle 😉 btw…..Funny prank call in punjabi to this dollar store…MUST WATCH…PANCHODIYA -OwnageDesiPrankCalls

Chumaar Hindu Punjabi Dalit Guru Ravi Dass Bedroom With Mr Bean

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Chumaar Hindu Punjabi Dalit Guru Ravi Dass Bedroom With Mr Bean Original Video made by BrahminPrince, re-uploaded in response to dirty dalit gandu’s abusing muslim pakistani’s and zaid hamid

Punjabi Truck Driving School – PRANK CALL

Viewcount: 93492 Punjabi PRANK CALL