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Zaid Hamid: Shoaib Malik-Sania Mirza Marriage Was RAW Plan For Cricket Match Fixing

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Zaid Hamid BrassTacks Pakistan Royal News Exposing Nikah of Zugaad Sania Mirza With Shoaib Malik To Bring Agent Mirza Close To ISI Pakistan & Pak Army. Indian RAW Had All Information of Sania Bedroom Nights With Great Muslims Scholars Like Pervez Hoodbhoy, Hasan Nisar & Imran Khan of Tehreek-e-Taliban.

Schizophrenic Zaid Hamid calls Hamid Mir a CIA agent

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Zaid Hamid in a radio interview says Hamid Mir does propaganda work for the CIA and defends terrorist “pro-Pakistan” Taliban Jallaluddin Haqqani. Link to the complete interview:

Zaid Hamid exposes terrorist traitor INDIAN AGENT altaf hussain and mqm

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imran farooq altaf hussain killed imran farooq

Zaid Hamid Describes Pakistani Floods Are An Invention of India

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Zaid Hamid BrassTacks Pakistan Exposing Indian Terror Against Pakistan Army & ISI Muslim Ummah Should Know This Fact That Floods in Pakistan Are Deep Consipracy of India Afghanistan America & Israel To Destablize Pakistan From Muslim History.

Zaid Hamid Alwayz Speak Truth Only Truth 100% Truth

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Zaid Hamid:- Next Target of the United States is the Pakistan Intelligence Agency, ISI, and the Army. Attack on the Army General Headquarters this fall Was to Kill The Army Chief and to Eliminate all the Leadership

Zaid Hamid With Wake Up Pakistan Team Arrives in Flood Hit Pakistan

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Zaid Hamid BrassTacks Pakistan Has Arrived to Meet Pakistan’s Leaders and Visit The Areas Devastated By Floods With All Crew of Takmeel-e-Pakistan

Zaid Hamid Rejects Babri Mosque’s Decision of Allahbad Court Star Asia

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Zaid Hamid BrassTacks Pakistan Discussing Babri Masjid’s decision by Allahabad Court. Zaid Hamid Talks on the Kashmir Issue As An Tehreek-e-Taliban Agent as Well and Exposes the Reality of So Called “SECULAR STATE” Afghanistan Running Under Indian RAW To Eliminate Pakistan ISI From Muslim History.

Zaid Hamid Javed Chaudhary Exclusive Match Fixing Indian Ploy To Tarnish Pak Team

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Zaid Hamid BrassTacks Pakistan Royal News With Kal Tak Host Javed Chaudhary Exposed Indian RAW Agent Dheeraj Dixit With His Pakistani Paramour Veena Malik For Creating Match Fixing Scandel of Pakistan Muslim Cricket Team. ISI Pakistan & Pak Army Are Doing Nothing To Save Muslims History.

Zaid Hamid Wahabism Exposed By Tokay Wali Sarkar Mufti Muhammad Yousaf Rizvi

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Zaid Hamid BrassTacks Pakistan Real Face of Ahmadiya Shia Wahabi of Karachi Tehreek-e-Taliban Agent of Indian ISI RAW Exposed By Sunni Scholar Mufti Muhammad Yousaf Rizvi. Zaid Hamid Kazzab Big Traitor of Muslim History

Zaid Hamid Shah Sahib Detail Introduction Jehlam by “Saifi Silsila”

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Zaid Hamid BrassTacks Pakistan Royal News Introduction Agent of Indian RAW Exposing ISI Pakistan & Pak Army of Muslims Institute Tehreek-e-Taliban.